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Shugart's Blog?


I'm not sure if this is the right forum, but wha' happened to Shugart's blog? Bueller?


It's now called Shugart's Hammer.



Yep, just a new name. Two reasons: 1) It's not really a "blog," more of a side-column. 2) With the new My T-Nation feature, everyone has a blog now in that section, including me, so we needed to differentiate them.

Here's the link: Hammer

I'll explain the name choice in a future column (for those that might actually care.)


Do I get cool points if it is you equating yourself to the mighty Thor?


I actually never thought of that. Not much on internet-avatar-persona-inflation.

There was a newspaper once called the something-Hammer. I just always liked that.


Shugs, so is it now OK to ask you "How's your hammer hanging, Chris?"