shugart ..where else?

chris shugart…

do you write for any other mag/publication besides t-mag ??

i need more reading…


T-mag snagged me with a contract (thank God) soon after I started freelancing, so I don’t have much work appearing in other mags. Well, unless you count those times when my exact articles are “borrowed” and published in Muscular Development or some random newsletters and Internet sites! That’s happened to TC and I both!

I also wrote a little for a Japanese powerlifting magazine before T-mag. I have copies of it and can’t read anything in it but my name!

Other than that, when I was first hired on with T-mag we were helping a Penthouse publication called “Mind and Muscle Power” in exchange for ad space. I wrote a ton for them, nothing all that great though. My name wasn’t even on most of it because it was just info blurbs and mini-news stories.

The only series for them I liked was called “Lean and Mean” where I read a popular diet book like Atkins or The Zone, then wrote about how it would or wouldn’t work for bodybuilder types.

That’s about it. I’ve been with T-mag almost exclusively. Should have a couple of books I co-wrote coming out later this year though, plus a new column on the mental side of diet and training. Should be fun!

This is a bit of a hi-jack but seeing you mention Mind and Muscle Power brings back memories for me. Not because that was a good magazine, but because that was how I discovered T-mag, that fateful day 4 years ago now, hehehe. I couldn’t believe the wealth of information at this place when I first came…and it was all free!!! Long live T-mag (or wait, should I say :-).