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Shugart on Staley Call

For those who are members of Charles Staley’s coaching group, T-mag assistant editor and feature writer Chris Shugart will be the guest on the call this week. Tune in!

This is always fun. Looking forward to it!


I am a member of Charles Coaching group and I am certainly looking forward to the call! Perhaps Chris will spill the beans about the future of T-Mag?!

Anyone interested in hopping on the call should contact Julianne at:

julianne@edtsecrets.com or by calling her at 1-800-519-2492.

Tons of great info as a member of the group by the way and access to previous calls as well (CT was just on a couple of weeks ago and it was an awesome call).

Um, er – could you snag any guest passes for the call? Methinks guest passes (as in “more than one”) would make for a great prize for one of T-Mag’s contests! (grin)

Yeah, geat idea. Terry deserves a pass.


Okay you three, check your PM’s. I’ve sent you the code to the call!

Talk to you on the call guys! Who said begging doesn’t get you anywhere in life!

Hot diggity dog!!! Thank you, guys!! And thank you, Chris!!!

Boy, I’m glad I’m obsessive-compulsive about checking the forum and my PMs. When opportunity knocks, it helps if you’re home to answer the door. (chuckling)

Hey Shugs, just wanted to thank you for sharing your expertise with us on the call today…you ROCK!


It was great having you on the call. Try to round up the rest of T-Staff and swing back when you get a chance!

Kyle Battis

Thanks Chris! That was awesome listening to you and Charles Staley…hopefully you will do more of them. You should make that a weekly or monthly thing. Have different guests on every week and pick a bunch of T-mag readers to listen or chime in. That would be so cool!

And of course I would get picked every week since I thought of it :o)

Great interview Chris. It’s great to kind of hang out and soak up the knowledge.

Nice story about Thiland.

Let us know if you do another call with TC and Tim. I gotta be on that call.

Good luck with your case of GADD!

Thanks! That was fun and refreshing, as always. Look forward to doing another one soon!

Hey- I’m sorry if I wasn’t available to those of you who wrote me or tried to call. I am so busy getting moved to Phoenix that I am out of the office most of this week. Once I get settled I will be giving away some more goodies ,and ok I will throw in some passes for calls now and again. In fact our next guest call is Chad Waterbury June23…Also, my last give away was the Essentials of EDT-my winners should have gotten the packages by now ,so thanks to all who participated in that. Thanks -Julianne


This is Jason Rhymer in Charlotte, NC thanking you for the call today. I’ve been part of Charles’ group from the beginning and have been able to hear most of the top “gurus” in the fitness industry, including yourself. Your call is always informative and entertaining and we appreciate you sharing with us.

Take care,

I got the package a few days ago, whahooo! Great information to say the least, I haven’t had a chance to watch the videos, but the book is excellent, Too bad I’m primarily a proponent of westside lifting for strength with subsequent hypertrophy as CW so eloquently puts it. I will probably incorporate EDT when I go on an extreme cutting cycle and I’ll have all the info to back it up

Maybe we’ll reverse things next time. I’ll interview Coach Staley and we’ll invite 100 T-Nation members on to the live call. Maybe the first 100 to reply to a thread. Not a bad idea at all.

Stay tuned.

Count me in Chris! Sounds like a great idea to beef up T-Nation even more.



Great interview man. Both you and TC gave great interviews.

After hearing about Patterson(being a contrarian), it would be cool to get him on there too and here from him.

An hour isn’t enough though, to be sure…