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Shugart: How FAT Were You?

Ripped off from Shug’s “Die, Fatty, Die” Blog:

“”“Warning: I used to be fat. I’m not anymore. I used to be weak. I’m not now. I used to make excuses. I stopped. What you’re about to read is offensive and hurtful, especially if you’re overweight.”""

I can’t be the only to wonder about that first line. So how FAT were you Shugart?

Bastard F*ck Guy

I was so fat I paid for my freshman year of college selling shade!

Nah, here’s the thing - I’m not totally sure. I was so fat I dieted/starved for a couple of weeks before I even stepped on the scale. When I finally did I was still around 230. And that’s a not-lifting-weights-at-all 230ish, so it was pretty pathetic. I think I tell the whole story in the old “Meet the Press: Turning the Tables” interview in the archives.

I’ve had a lot of requests to write an article detailing what I jokingly call Former Fat Boy syndrome and what the FFB has to do to keep it off. I may do that some day, but I’m swamped right now.

Thanks Chris. I’ll check out the article.


Hey Chris, how tall are you? I’m just wondering as I too am a FFB, I was more like a FFGB though, Former Fat Girly Boy, cause I was about 245lbs of blubber and nothing else. When I started lifting I could hardly bench 85lbs, kinda sad for a 6’3" 19 year-old guy. I actually got some help from my genes though, see I was about 245lbs at about 5’10" when I was 16, then something must have dropped a T-Bomb in me becasue I went from 5’10" to 6’3" in two years and stayed about the same weight. So, I think at my fattest I was around 245 at 5’10", then I grew up, not around, then did the whole anorexic bit for a few months(I think all of us FFB go through this), then learned how to do it the right way.

[quote]analog_kid wrote:
Hey Chris, how tall are you? … then did the whole anorexic bit for a few months(I think all of us FFB go through this), then learned how to do it the right way.[/quote]

I’m a hair under 6 foot. Yep, at the end of my weight loss I was damn close to anorexic. Hair started falling out and everything. It’s been a long f’ing road. Oddly, I learned so much along the way I ended up in the body biz. Not a bad deal, but man, if I only knew then what I know now!


I too am a former fat boy. Up until about a year and a half ago. At one point my highest was 260 at 5’9" so I was a fat shit. Now I’m down to 190 at 11-12% body fat after a year of working out hard.I want to get under 10%, So Naturally I get a kick out of your writings when you say FFB’s will do anything not to go back to there prior life. Maybe you should start an FFB Club?


Yeah, I was a FAT Bastard myself and i did the anorexia thing too. I’m 5’11" and I went from a blubbery 230lbs to a measely 146lbs 6% bodyfat. When i got that skinny people started saying i looked sick and my cheeks were completly sunk in. The thing that made me change was seeing a picture of myself next to this girl. She was fit and i ended up looking like Skeletor next to her. I have been trying to bulk up lately and I’m up to 162lbs and have packed on substantial amounts of muscle. I plan on hitting 175lbs that should be nice and solid. I do have to say that finding this website has made a world of difference. I have learned a wealth of knowledge and put it to good use. Thanks

Wow, this post brings back memories.
My fattest was 195 lbs about 5 years ago. Did the anorexia thing as well over one summer. I basically woke up at noon every day, ate a meal, went about my business and didnt eat again until 5-6. Two meals a day for 2 months lost me 40 lbs. I was gross. Funny thing is, I only felt like I lost 10 lbs, but people were telling me I lost at least 40. In fact, at the 155 lbs point, people told me I was too skinny.

Right now im 210 with about 13% bf. Lets just say its been a loooong time coming…

I am an FFB in progress, ha. The sad thing is I did it to myself. After my fresman year of football I had to transfer due to a bunch of circumstances, never played again, and for two years subsisted on a diet comprised entirely of Coors Light and Taco Bell. I went from a solid 215 to 290+ (I was too scared to step on a scale). I have since got back down to 245 while packing on some muscle. Maybe when I hit 225 I’ll post some before/after pics. Hearing stories of FFBs hitting single didgit body fat numbers really helps.

Liek Chris, I’m a FFB. i was 21 yrs old up to a very unhealthy 290 at 6 ft 2 in. Not exercising a bit. I got down to 180 where I did the Seattle marathon, Picked up the MM2K with Keith Klien on the cover and went from there. Discovered Chek, Staley and Poliquin along the way… Charles recommended this new website coming out during his seminar (testosterone) and the rest is history. i’m now a lean 225 and in the Dietetics program at UBC.

And just like Chris, if i only knew then what I know now!

And BTW, I would LOVE to see a FFB diet. Like all FFB, bulking phases are not a possibility! Finding that balance of gaining muscle without all the fat wanting to come back (and psychological head games when it does come back) is a bitch! They don’t teach that in the dietetics program believe it or not. I’ve still learned more from my personal experiences and the likes of Lowery, Berardi and others than I have as of yet in University.

another FFB. went from around 200 (at 5’9") down to a low of 155 (at 6 foot) in 4 months. odd to lose 50 lbs in a growth spurt. I was driven by being a fat blob and wanting to look better, but it took a while for me to realize that losing any further weight was making me look “skeletal” as my friends told me. My anorexic diet consisted of probably 1000 calories daily, this while running cross country distances every day. and a lot of those calories were hamburger or soda, haha, it was terrible…

realized one day, “hey, this is the POLAR OPPOSITE and is also ugly, i need to get jacked”, gained 30 lbs in 2 months (of mostly muscle), and then switched to powerlifting (for sports) as I became comfortable with how i looked. trying my hand again into bodybuilding at the moment, 6’1, 210 lbs, probably 15% bodyfat, and yes I have learned so goddamned much since 2 years ago.

seems odd that nearly all of our stories sound identical… any psychologists out there?

Wow. Lots of activity on this thread. So I guess I’ll dump my story here. Last April I took my FB status to an all time high. I got up to 250+ and probably close to 255. (I’m a hair over 6’2" with a moderate frame.) On exactly April 3rd, I quit drinking, quit smoking, and quit caffeine - yes, all on the same day. Try quitting caffeine and nicotine at the same time and check out how easy it is to eat and sleep all the time. It’s interesting how quitting all that crap simultaneously came about. I was at home one weekend. My room mate was out of town. I was getting hammered and playing Counter-Strike (addictive as hell internet based computer game). I ran out of cigarettes. I determined that I was too drunk to drive to go get more and too cheap to call a cab. So then I ran out of beer and polished off some wine before running totally dry.

Then, for some unknown reason, the next day I just said “f*ck it” and decided to quit. I decided to quit smoking, and in order to successfully do that, knew that I had to lay off of the alcholol for a while too. Additionally, I thought it would be wise to drop caffeine, as a friend of mine had quit and said he felt amazing.

So I stayed off of caffeine for 6 weeks but still felt shtty. I went to the doctor to get a general check up and check for some sht I thought I might have (mild diabetes or thyroid problem). All normal, whatever the F that means. Anyway, I did my research on caffeine and determined that it was ok so long as I cut back, and after 6 weeks I resumed caffeine. I pretty much have a big Sbux in the am and one or two prior to lifting in the evening. I don’t drink much soda (had one can of diet coke today).

I haven’t touched any tobacco and have lost the urge. I decided when I quit drinking that I would quit for a while and only drink on special occasions. I went until mid July on a date and split a half a bottle of wine. Now I drink once or twice a month. (I do like my Sapphire & Tonics.)

Anyhoo, I made some major changes in my life and, thanks to T-Nation, my training. I’m now sub 220 (haven’t been on a scale in a month or so) with abs and a fresh start in the whole iron game.

It feels damn good. At one point I was a 5’10" 240# fatf*ck high school kid, and now I am, well, ME. Shug’s “Die, Fatty, Die” Blog really hit home with me. I’ve definitely developed a confidence bordering on arrogance. I’m a self-righteous bastard - I’ve earned it.


I have to chime in here as well. Going to give the short sweet version as I have allready put up the long version after request on a another thread. Just have to show my thanks to T-Nation right quick.

Short version.

Topped out at just under 300lbs @ 6’1". Cut down to 215 fast and succesfull was happy there for a couple years then decided to go all out. Went for dietary / training failure. Bottomed out a tiny 170, ripped as hell, but bodily functions were shutting down, major loss of strength and LBM. Couldnt even heat my self. Pale white, sleep probs., receeding gums, etc.

Found JB and inturn T-Mag. 2 years later. 210 lbs, progressing nicely. While still suffering some repercussions from the disaster months I am on a solid rebound and dedicated to learning and helping others.

Thanks T-Nation, all the contributors, forum members, everyone. Truely saved my a*#.