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Shucky to brider

I had a couple of questions for you. First I wanted to ask you about ipriflavone, you said you have been taking it for a year? Why and what effects has it had. Also about what you said you do for a living “I’m a job buster (private franchiser). I help people build second or third residual incomes that eventually can become the primary income source (and negate the need for the other sources).” I am curious about this and had a couple of questions for you!!

Ipriflavone is an isoflavone of soy – Cy Wilson has mentioned a lot of problems with ANYTHING associated with soy. I took 600 mg per day, as recommended by a Dr. Chet Zelasko for potential anabolic effects. It’s primary purpose is as a bone density aid. I can’t say I’ve had dramatic effects from it, that I’m aware of. I went off it a couple weeks ago, so we’ll see what effects THAT has. As for private franchising, well, that can be a long topic. If you have specific questions, I’d be glad to answer them. The idea of residual income is just that – residual. Kind of like interest on a bank account, money comes in without having to put in the effort to make it.

Thank you for your reply, I would still like to continue on both of these topics…but it would be rather petty right now. Thank You.

Agreed. When you’re ready, go over to the Slowtwitch site forum (a website for triathletes), and find one of my posts there. You can trace down my e-mail from there and contact me directly.

OK, I’m bringing this back brider. I know what Ipriflavone is. What I wanted to know was why did you take it and did it help?? Does it have any effect on tendons or ligaments? and my other qeustion had to deal with opening a small business, do you work with people to do this?

I had read something a while back (about 3 years or so) that ipriflavone had some anabolic effects along with the bone strengthening, but that the doses were “prohibitively expensive”, so at the time I didn’t try taking any, but kept it in the back of my mind. About 6 months later, I read that doses around 600 mg per day were showing beneficial effects in muscle mass. So I started taking that dosage. Did I see any dramatic results? No. It’s difficult to separate what causes what when you’re on several things at once, but my lifts did progress in a steady manner (but again, not dramatic). So I can’t say it didn’t do anything either. As to your other question, yes, I do work with other people, especially as I’m in the middle of expansion now. Private franchising is a behind-the-scenes type of business that marries the good points of warehouse clubs and online services, utilizing franchising concepts (normal public franchises) without the up-front capitalization costs.