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Shrunken Gonads. Need Help


I can not believe its happened to me. For the very 1st time I experimented with anabolic steroids.I have been taking test enth 250mg a week . I thought the gonads would remain gifted on that dose but when involved in some gonad demanding activities today I recongnised that my bolleks had shrunk to the size of pistachio nuts!I used to have nice big balls and be happy until test enth!

I also noticed a marked decline in my sperm volume.I used to be equally as gifted in this area but I noticed today on the completion of gonad activities that I literally dropped about a spit of sperm instead of my usual job which would at least be a pint!ha help needed guys what the fuck do I do?


I wrote out a long thoughtful response until i realised i was about to feed the trolls again.


Hey bud. i guess people's chemistry's are different.I used t enanthate for year's and never had severe testicle shrinkage,plus no gyno.When i competed there was no clomid,noladex ,or arimedex and for the most part adverse side affects where not all that common.If i suffered testicular shrinkage,nowadoy's why not try the great medication's like hcg.HCg is excellent to stimulate the leydig cells in the testicles and restore them back to pre steroid level. john


Woah...your balls shrunk when you used steroids?! Need to see a doctor man. You're probably going to have to get one of them removed.


dude thank you, this is fucking awesome


Wait.....your balls shrink when you use steroids? Since when!


shredtodeath uve got it all wrong man.
Shrunken balls is a serious issue for me.Its fucked my head up
"I wrote out a long thoughtful response until i realised i was about to feed the trolls again". Johnny k 53 thanks for your help . What do I do then?? do I wait for the cycle to finish before I take hcg and tamoxifen or do I get on it now??I m still on geat and plan to be on a 16 wk course of just 250ml of test enth.


You clearly missed the point that says you'll be impotent for life, with below-average-sized gonads. U MAD BRAH?


just stuff your nutsack like a flat chested chick would stuff her bra


inject your nut sack with some mineral oil


Gifted Gonads: Don't let those guys break your balls. This is normal when you bring in an out side source of steroids. I'm faced with the same issue and only after a year of TRT. I have tried to tell me doctor to please put me on the "hCG" and I was lucky to at least at this point get him to right me Arimidex to drop my E2.

From what I read "hCG" should work.. This is something that I spoke with to my doctor about and he did not want to write me for the med cause he said it way over priced and he he said it wont work for me... I wish you luck with get a script for it. I wish I could get my hands on some my self... For now I'm grateful for the Cyp and Arimidex I get and just need to be a Llittle more patent with my Doctor.