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I don’t know if it’s just in my mind, but I feel like my ribcage and my hips are too close together. Does anyone else feel like this?

Quite the opposite. My torso is long so my ribcage/pelvis are further apart than average. This gives me less leverage in ab and lumbar dependant exercises. Also makes my arms look a little short. I think I’d prefer you’re condition.

I don’t know. My condition makes my legs look longer and my ass higher and I hate it.

Excess lumbar curvature from an anteriorly tilted pelvis may cause that appearance. Things you can do to correct that are to develop proper function and strength in your lower abs(Paul Chek style) stretch hip flexors,rectus femoris and your quadratus lumborum(Ian Kings Lazy Mans stretching article)

I feel like my feet and my head are too close together. Thats because I’m really short. I’ve been doing a lot of hanging upside down from the chinup bars but so far it has not done anything except make me dizzy.

Rafael, Now that I checked it seems my left and right hands seem to be too far apart. No, now their ok. No wait, there too far apart again…

So let me get this straight I need to work the lower abs and stretch. This is kind of confusing for me could you specify what the ‘rectus femoris’ and ‘quadratus lumborum’ are? I figure I need to work abs more because my lower back is stronger than my abs. Will hanging upside do anything?

oh no my eyeballs are too far apart :wink:

Yeah, hanging upside down would probably help. I would hang from the bar by your feet for 5 minutes, then drop down onto your hands and do 5 handstand pushups. Ask Nate Dogg, or buy the book Combat Conditioning if you have problems with these. Then I would hang again, this time, place your hands just underneath your ribcage and pull down, so that you are pulling your rib cage away from your hips. Do this for another 90 seconds. This will work the two muscles that you need to strengthen, your rectus vastus and your laterus abdominus. Note to Lipo: see a physician immediately.

rec.femoris originates at the pelvis and attaches at the knee,quadratus lumborum originates on the posterior aspect of the pelvis attaches to the lower ribs one of its functions is lateral flexion of the trunk.
the importance of correcting excessive anterior pelvic tilt is to prevent injury to the lumbar spine.this is all meant to give you some ideas you should really consider having a proper assesment done.