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I was wondering if you could continue doing your regular deadlifts, but as you pick up the weight off the ground shrug it then repeat every rep, so basically doing deadlift-shrugs, can you do that? i wanted to start doing it since i have enough exercises in my routine, it sounds like it could be effective.

You could do it, but keep in mind that most people can deadlift a lot more than they could shrug. So maybe a guy can rep with 400 on the deadlift, but he may not be able to shrug that-- at least not safely and properly. You’d have to be going pretty light in the deads in other words. I’d say to do your deads first, then do a set or two of shrugs. I prefer using dumbbells. Read Paul Chek’s current article on the topic at T-mag.

Ya hehe, i never did shrugs before and all i saw were people doing heavier weight so i thought it could work out, worked out today and tried it, hha i could only do about a half shrug, oh well better then no shrug, ya i can dead a lot more then shrug, thanks Chris.