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Shrugs May Have Flattened my Ribs

Last week I wanted to incorporate some pretty heavy shrugs. Went heavier than I normally do and stopped when I experienced some major cramping that went down the right side of my back. That cramp stayed there for a day or two and I think is now the cause of A flattened rib cage on my right side. It aches and makes me wonder if I had developed some type of liver issue.

Am I a horrible person if I find this post hilarious?




It’s crazy right?

I know, I have this imbalance in my back due to a motorcycle injury. Instead of evening out during exercise, I think I’ve made it worse.

What do you mean, “flattened rib cage”?

Bones arent supposed to move. Like. At all. The entire point of the ribs is to not move.

Also, shrugs are garbage. I dont really have more to add to that, they’re just a terribly designed exercise in my opinion. Not to mention I dont think over ever seen someone do them correctly. I apologize preemptively for being a dick, but I can only imagine you were getting your stroke face on while attempting to move too much weight. For that entire 2 inch movement.

Finally, I highly doubt it’s a liver issue, I mean, it could be. I’m just a dude on the internet. That just seems like an extreme side effect to… a shrug.

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Thanks for the health update :+1:

Could steroid use cause liver pain? Because I just stopped a cycle at wk 7 for burning nipples.


Whelp I’m out.


I honestly just spent a couple minutes crying from laughter.

@silyak you may want to check the post again, it’s like, way better now.

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I hope @bulldog9899 see this one :rofl:

:no_mouth: actual what the op is describing sounds like a dislocated rib.


At least that sounds better than liver damage.

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I give this thread 5 stars.

It sounds like a strained spinal erector or intercostal muscle, most likely the latter, and on a completely separate note, it sounds like this guy was taking steroids (god knows what kinds or how much) and damaging his liver. It’s just…most people apply Occam’s Razor without thinking about it, but this guy was like “have I damaged my liver with shrugs?”

Out of 4.


You have to lay on your back and pull your knees up into your chest, then grab tightly around your legs. Next, rock back and forth until your head pops out from your bum.


I read it this way way as well.

I once got kidney stones by doing lateral raises

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pffttt thats nothing, my leg fell off when I was warming up once

Got brain tumor deadlifting