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Shrugs Best Pull Assistance Other Than Squats?

Are shrugs the best assistance exercise to get a stronger pull?
I made considerable gains on heavy barbell shrugs last year 180kg x 5-6 to 230kg for 5-6 this year. I have noticed my heavy snatch pulls get a bit better ( I have doing for a few weeks) 130kg last to 150kg this years sets of 3.
It could be that I have decent Olympic bar(which spins freely) and good Strength shop bumper plates.
I can’t believe I am so weak from the floor I probably could RDL 200kg to a good position. But I am quite strong from mid thigh up.

no i dont believe shurgs will help you much.The best way to get a stronger pull is pulling more and be more explisive so you need an excerise where you pull and use some speed. I advice you to focus on doing snatch pulls and clean pulls( you can do them high pulls too) it is best way to get strong and explosive

No, shrugs will not improve your pull. I supposed they will strengthen parts of your pull, but in general no one says “I shrugged more, and snatch gained 10 kilos”.

If you feel they help you, then who are we to say they don’t? However, I think you’re going to see better pulling results with something which has higher specificity to the first or second pull (or both)

Thanks guys I appreciate your input. My second pull is my strength so I suppose I need to improve my first pull . My deadlift is only 215kg , so I guess I need to get my firs pull improved with deficit deadlifts and RDLs for true first pulls OLs.

I find the snatch pulls a lot easier to do . I maxed out doing 180kg clean pulls to navel height.