Shrugs and Shoulder Rolling

I see people say ‘oh that guy rolling his shoulders while shrugging is an idiot…’ as apparently they hurt your shoulders.
I’ve never done shrugs like this but why is it actually bad?

first hit on an in site search…

Ahh, I see. My bad.

nah, its cool. this site can be overwhelming sometimes with the hits you get when you search for info. can be nice to get a discussion out of it, too. did that make sense or do you have a beef??

I always feel my traps more when doing haney (behind the back) shrugs which kind of force a forward roll. But I guess the line of resistance is different.

Any thoughts on these?

Yeah, it pretty much made sense. No real beef, just seen a few guys rolling their shoulders, and then on the internet I see people calling that out.

But does it cause damage, eg. to the rotator etc, as well as being biomechanically inefficient and useless?