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Shrugging Traps Up While Doing Pulldowns

i posted a thread about shrugging up during bench press based on one of CTs articles, so i decided to try the same principle of shrugging traps while doing lat pull downs and rows… i did find that it helps a little bit and made things smoother… i know this goes against conventional wisdom but i did them anyways - i have an old partial rotator cuff injury on the left side from hockey and did a lot of physio for it. i would always notice my trap would compensate during machine rows in physio (same with bench press)… forget about pull downs if it came up or not…

anyways, CT what do you think of this or anyone else have thoughts about this?

If it works for you, it doesn’t matter what other people think. You also have an old injury many others do not have so that especially forces you to try to find training methods that work for you specifically.

okay thanks, just dont want to hurt myself again! i did notice on rows that at the concentric phase that my scapula still retracted so maybe i will stick with it.