Shrug Movement, Pec Activated!

One issue which has and continues to cause problems with my shoulders is a weak suprispinatus, especially in the left shoulder. This causes numerous issues including pains, winging, overcompensation by other muscles, nerve twinging etc.

One thing I found during rehab which I cannot understand and do now know what it could mean is: when doing shrug type movements, the right side feels fine and natural and I can feel the trap and rear delts working. But the left side: I can feel the trap working, but I feel almost a twinging/jumping reaction in the upper left pec (almost the feeling you get during electrical activation at a physio) and often this also extends up into the left side of the neck.

Any idea what this could be, what it means, what can be done about it?


BUMP…going through the range of rehab exercises I have I actually notice the feeling in a number of movements.

These include:

  • when I lay down on the floor, on my back, with a rolled towel under my upper spine, and lift my arms above my head then down behind me (almost like a superman pose): I feel the stretch in the right like normal but in the left I feel a twinging/tweaking of the upper chest and neck in the left side
  • when doing reverse rows with band: when I extend back the tweaking feeling is felt in the chest and neck again

Not sure what it could be - may a nerve?