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Shrimp Becoming a Lobster


Hey I'm well called Shrimp by my coach. I decided to start a training log here after having followed T-Nation since 2007 and had a log on here before that worked well, so here I am again under a new name. Im aiming to try to do a figure or bikini model contest this year. But seeing that I have a hard time not lifing like a dude we will see how that works. Currently my coach has me training like a....lady (eh....)that means no bicep curls, no direct tricep work, and loads of sprints for my ass and hammies, no deadlifts, no pulls what so ever (im not sure what that means lol).

todays training:

10 minute warm up on treadmill (incline 2, speed 6km)

4 x 12 x 45kg stiff deadl.

4 x 10 x 35kg box squats superset with plank for abs

3 x 10 x jane fonda body weight

3 x 10 x jane fonda cable style with 7.5kg

3 x 12 jump lunges

3 x 10 x box jumps

3 x 10 hanging leg raises

10 x 40yrds (not on treadmill) (1x sprint, 1x bearcrawl done 5 times)

5 minutes biking cool down

the sprints killed my thiges, they where so pumped! loved it.

Tomorrow is fat % measured so from there we will start looking at what to do and where we are heading..

so untill then



First!! Welcome shrimp! They call me mighty mouse around my gym.


Cocktail Sauce

Anyone have some?


Thank you :slight_smile: well Mighty Mouse is much better than shrimp for sure!


yummmm....shrimp cocktail (has been added to the cheat meal menu!) Im not that tasty though....


You restrained yourself from asking for cawktail sauce. Gawd you're polite!
I love it when you pretend

Um, shrimp... welcome what are your stats? When is the comp you are aiming for?


stats? now hell i dont even know what that means? (im from europe)

im sure this is not what you mean, but these are the only stats ive got :wink:

squat: 330
Bench: 220
DL: 352

after tomorrow when we see where im at currently bodyfat vise me and coach will start looking into shows, but just something low kay since it will be my first cut and first show ever


hey i've got sauce.

hey shrimpy!


WOW! UM? ah kilograms right? Nice lifts.
I actually meant height and weight just trying to assess exactly how leeetle you are :slightly_smiling:

Like the Lift numbers too though!


Hallowed, darling, I'm sure she switched to pounds as a 350 kg deadlift is 770 lbs.

Where's CBear when we need her?


Welcome Shrimp! This is going to be awesome!!!! I identify with what you are doing and cant wait to read about your journey and see your changes. Best of luck in the competition. When do you plan on competing?



true I switched to lbs for you guys since i figured most of you use that, but from here on out i guess i can stick to the good ole kg.

for status as of today im too fat and too heavy (i can hear my coach say those words in my mind, although he did not say them...yet).

bodyfat: 19%
bodyweight: 64kg
then measurments (no flexing, guys always flex im not sure if women do or not)
waist: 28,5 inches
shoulders: 43 inches
hips/butt:37,5 inches
mid thigh: 21 inches
calves: 14 inches
upper arm: 12 inches

The last couple of months I have been brutaly working my shoulders to try to get them to grow, so far some luck, i can see some straiations in them and they have gotten bigger I feel in the mirror, although picture time tonight so we will see better there. I was quite shocked that I hadnt dropped some in fat % since last time we took measures (before christmass) but then again I havent been dieting to be honest like I should have.

Currently I am looking into doing a show late in the summer early fall in the usa, but where and when, that will all depend on coach, im doing online training with a coach who lives in the usa (as you can tell by the spelling and choice of words I dont). So i will get feed back from him tomorrow when i send him pictures and current numbers fat% and kg.

Today is an off day for me... but that will soon change :slight_smile: so i better enjoy it while I can.


Damn you are strong!! NICE NICE NICE!!!

One last stat please - how tall?

Congrats on committing to a comp! And hey, if you can't do figure or bikini, there's always BBing? So at least you have options should you get beyond effing ripped! lol.

Welcome to PW. I'll be following :slight_smile:


OPS yeah I guess i forgot that hight is a factor in this thingy! im 1.69m (i think thats around 5'7" )

Well figure is currently the dream haha but bikini is my fall back if I lack in muscles :wink:

and thank you!


Um, wait solly, So you BENCHPRESS 220?


HAHAHAHAH!!!! Fucking awesome.


Congrats on committing to a competition and coming to the USA!

Will you be posting your diet?


220 raw bench, good numbers, have you competed in Powerlifting ?


Yup My best bench is 220, it was back in 2009 though when I was just a puppy, now im a grown up :wink:

I should add that it was single ply :slight_smile: ina a F6 shirt, although It was not a tight one (or at least that is what I tell people :wink: )
I used to compeat in powerlifting but had to take some time off when I tore up my knee. That caused me to drop soma weight and change my mind about heavy squatting. I miss it but id rather have less pain in my body, and a change is always fun!


Training last night

15 minutes on stationary bike

Shoulder press standing with BB
10kg x 10
2 x 20kg x 8
2 x 30kg x 8
1 x 35kg x 7

Behind the neck, standing with BB
1 x 10 x 15kg
3 x 8 x 20kg

DB Front raises Hammer grip
3 x 12 x 8kg

db fly (very low, trying to work the trap as little as i can)
3 x 10 x 8kg

DB Arnold press, standing
1 x 12 x 8kg
1 x 12 x 10kg
1 x 10 x 12kg

hanging leg raises
3 x 12

stationary bike for 20 minutes, interval training

tonight is back and heavy abs :slight_smile: with some sprinting! WHOOOOHOOOO

I do a lot of stationary bike for my knee since it is what my phyciotherapist tells me to do, and im a good girl so i liste, most of the time. I have had some computure troubles, so feedback from coach should get here tonight or tomorrow since I just sent him the e-mail with my current diet.
I have so far been lifting to add some size to my hamstrings, glutes and shoulders. I have never lacked in strenght but strenght and size not always come together (strenght is also a mental thin...for me at least a HUGE mental thing haha ) so diet has been not a cutting one since im not in that progress just yet.
I will post my diet as soon as I start dieting down, and some days I might throw something in if its super delicious. I however eat clean during the week and cheat on saturdays :slight_smile: