Shredding Quickly

I’ve got 5 days, and 5 lbs of flab to lose. Muscle loss is ok, and in fact, muscle loss in the thighs would actually be a good thing.
Who’s got some bright ideas?

Right now I’m thinking of essentially almost no post-workout nutrition… minimize carbs and fats, just enough protein, go with long negatives, 90% max, and pump the cardio like crazy before breakfast and after workouts. I just hope my CNS doesn’t burn out by the 4th day.

This may be what you are looking for. Or you could do a brief stint of the V-Diet.

7 days to Ultimate leanness

Hope it helps and whats the occasion,

thanks for the reply – I think the velocity diet is definitely closer, except I am doing real food instead of shakes – I believe there is less bloating and more caloric effort to break down a chickean breast than say… pulverized powder. Thanks for the reply again though…any other suggestions out there in terms of exercises, types of cardio… ways to get the thigh to shed a bit of muscle mass – preferably the hamstring actually? The occassion is modeling. Thanks again.