Shredding Off Cycle

hi all

looking for advice for shredding offcycle.

if i use a test e and dbol cycle for 12 weeks and bulk up. can i then shred and still look good off cycle when i finish ??

does anyone recommend this or had past experiences?

Let me get this straight. You bulk with test and dbol. You finish your cycle, and your asking if you can successfully cut without AAS?

Of course you can. Let’s say you put on 15-20 lbs in the cycle. Your body needs a little time to get used to the extra mass. I’d plan on eating at maintenance for 1-2 months after the cycle. Then cut like you would normally. I generally a for 1-2 lbs per week max.

Now if your asking if you can do a bulk for 1/2 of the cycle and cut the second half, I think that’s a pretty dumb idea. Your gonna put on a little fat when your aim is to grow. Be patient and make sure your diets in check.