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Shredding and Muscle Gain Advice?

Hey guys and gals,

I need some advice, I’m looking to basically shred down body fat % and gain some lean muscle. Im :

  • 5"11
  • 80kg
  • 20% Body fat - and my Goal is around 12-14%

I’m 2-3 weeks into the my program and not sure if its working so I need some info from you pros to figure out A- Want to know if I’m on the right track / Doing things correctly B - would like to know if there is any better ways i can improve on my routine.

Workout :
Exercising 3-4 days a week with the following:

I usually do some cardio on my lunch break for 40 mins. A mixture of body weight exercises and jogging. - which is usually burning around 500-650 calories

Then that evening I hit the gym and start with a run alternating between 1 minute sprint and 1 minute light jog for 1 mile, then two exercises on a muscle group for that night. and repeat 3 times.
Which is burning around 700-850 calories.

That combined with walking to work every day and the usual running around according to my fitbit I’m burning around 3400 - 3800 calories a day.


Breakfast - 533 Calories

  • 2x egg whites
  • 1x whole egg
  • half a cup of muesli
  • protein shake with low fat milk

Morning Snack @ 11:30 - 92 Calories

  • small can of tuna
  • steamed vegetables

–Lunchtime Workout–

Lunch @ 2:00 - 270 Calories

  • Small can of tuna
  • Cup of brown rice and quinoa

Afternoon Shake @ 4:00

  • protein shake with low fat milk

– Evening Gym Workout –

After Gym dinner @ 8:00
-Small dinner usually some thing like small salad or egg white with chicken.

  • Protein Shake

Overall im averagely burning around 3600 calories a day and eating around 1400 so i have a deficit of 2200.

Am I going about this the right way and should just be patient or Should I make some changes ?

Thanks guys I really appreciate it.

Sounds like straight torture to me.
However, I’m sure it’s much better than what you were doing to get so fat.


There is so much wrong with this it isn’t funny. Ditch everything. Read this, follow the setup and principles.

easy now. anorexia isn’t that pretty.

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Ha ha ,

I’m not sure 80kg is fat, im just impatient and dont mind putting in the

well you’re definitely going to lose weight, but you can forget about gaining any muscle.

You’re essentially doing a crash diet. I’m actually not opposed to the idea of crash diets (shout out to the Rapid Fatloss Diet!) but it’s really not sustainable and you need to be smarter about it than you’re currently being.

I’d do something like Berardi’s Get Shredded Diet instead, although you’re a little fatter than the starting point he recommends.

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Weight isnt the issue, it’s your bf… Assuming you’re a guy. If you’re a gal 20% aint so bad. Pretty normal actually.
Your entire program is every thing we thought was right… In the 90’s.

One of the biggest issues you’ll have is when you plateau, you’ve got nothing in your back pocket to pull. Muscle growth will not happen and if you attempt this longer term, you can potentially fuck up your hormones (not necessarily permanent, but still).

Stan Efferding has a good Rhino’s Rants on YouTube about training your metabolism. He talks about simplifying your protein sources and learning how to manipulate your metabolism. Dave Tate has had some thoughtful things to say as well. The long and short of it is you need to find what your maintenance level is for the amount of activity you intend to do long term by adding a couple hundred calories a week until you start adding weight. Once you’ve determined your maintenance level, cut 200-400 calories a day for a week or two and evaluate. Long term weight loss is best achieved in 2-3 lb/week increments. Add or cut as needed after that. If you start seeing 5 lbs a week come off for a couple straight weeks, add some calories back in.

All this sounds really helpful, but being on the heavy side I’ve probably read more about fat loss than many. Best of luck. 1400 calories a day can get you there short term, but your chances of rebounding back up to your current condition are high.

yeah as above 1400 cals waay too low.

Do one of these for training…

You are not as far off as these people claim! Your diet is actually decent EXCEPT you are eating too little and will lose less fat because of this.

You are not going to lose fat and gain muscle at the same time, lets start with fat loss!

Lets start you eating 2540cals a day. So lets try 250 protein, 250 carbs, and 60 fats.

Lets put 140 carbs pre workot (Cup of brown rice) and the rest post workout (1.5 bagels) or something like that. You want HIGH GI (White carbs) post workout, so go with white rice or white bagel with your protein shake!

IF you hit the macro targets I suggested, and eat similar foods to what you already are, your progress will be much better!

Lets wipe the slate clean and start over! So you got your diet, now what about workouts and cardio?

Lets start with 30-45min (your call) of LISS (speed walking) in the morning BEFORE you eat anything! Since you seem to enjoy lots of cardio, lets do NORMAL workouts (Without cardio in them) And then add 30 min of maximum incline HIGH SPEED walking POST workout!

Just erase everything you are doing, follow the macros and calories i posted and this cardio routine I posted! Do whatever workout routine you want, but makes sure you hit every muscle group ATLEAST once a week, preferably 1.5-2x per week, hopefully your in the gym5-6 days a week but minimum 3-4 is okay too.

On your “OFF” days, we can add in HIIT (high intensity intervals) like alternating 30 sec sprints with 90 sec walks, but lets not add that yet! Stick with what I listed above, and as you make progress I will drop your calories and increase your cardio!

Basically if you follow my advice, I Will post in this thread DAILY and continue to edit your calories and cardio/workout plan so you continue to lose weight. I am not a certified trainer, but I have a lot of knowledge in this area and am willing to dedicate my time to help you reach your goals!

All you have to do is eat the calories and macros I told you to, and do the amount of cardio I Suggested (30-45 min LISS pre breakfast and 30min POST workout), and NOT MORE Cardio than I said!

DO NOT Drop cals lower than I Said or do extra cardio, you must learn that NO MATTER how low you drop your cals and how much cardio you add, you will have to go LOWER and add MORE as you lose weight because the body adapts! SO we will lower your calories and add more cardio, as you progress, I Will tell you when to do this.

IF you want me to help you, follow the advice above and check into this thread DAILY. Weigh yourself EVERY MORNING BEFORE THE CARDIO AND BEFORE EATING. This is super important so I Can get an accurate measurement of your progress so I can continue to help you to the best of my ability. You may not lose a ton of weight the first week or so, but this is set up so you can continually lose weight as the weeks pass until you hit 10% or lower BF and look SHREDDED. This is exactly what ive been doing and I am currently 11%bf.

Like I said, I will put in the time to show you the correct way, you just gotta do what I Say.

Here is a list of clean food groups to use to create your meal plan USING the macros and calories I gave you. here they are again.
2540cals a day. 250 protein, 250 carbs, and 60 fats.

Protein: Protein powder, chicken, fish, EXTRA LEAN ground beef, cottage cheese, LEAN cuts of steak, ground turkey, egg whites, etc

Carbs: Brown rice, Steel cut oats (oatmeal), quinoa, white rice or white bagels(post workout only)

Fats: avocado, fish oils, olive oil, avocado oils, cheese, eggs, incidental fat from carbs and protein, etc

Like I said, your food choices are good, you just need to learn the proper amounts, and when and how to do cardio!

IF you plan to follow my advice and want my continual help, please respond and let me know today or tomorrow.

I Can guarantee you that if you follow my advice, I Can get you to a nice shredded bodyfat level!

Goodluck bud!

The issue with what youre doing now is its a crash diet, as yogi said. You will lose 5-10lb with it, and then the fat loss will halt.

NO MATTER what your cals are to start and NO MATTER how much cardio you do, you will HAVE To lower the cals even more and add even more cardio as you lose weight. IF you start as low as you have, this will be impossible!

The program I have laid out for you will allow you to progress and lose weight at a 1-3lb a week pace, and continue this pace until you are low BF. I Hope you choose to follow my advice and I look forward to helping you reach your goals!

shredded baby :

Thats really nice of you to do man i really appreciate it, I will
absolutely look into following your program and update the progress as it
all unfolds, much appreciated mate .

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And thanks everyone for your advice aswell guys !!

wow, would love for you to hop on over into my training log thread and see what you think. Can give you any more up to date information (pics, current training, etc) that you need. Absolutely amazing the help you’re giving.

I’ll check in sometime in the next couple hours bud! I’m hoping to become a trainer one day, and I figure the best place to start is to do it for free on forums!

I’d love to make the same offer to you, I’ll help you create diet guidelines, workout/cardio plan, and help you edit it throughout your cut or bulk. i’ll check in shortly on your log!

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Please post the name of your log or the link to it, the one i found hasn’t been posted in since a year ago!
I am happy and willing to help as best I can for you to reach your goals, If you can link or post name immediately I Will post immediately!

Yeah Ive found two of your “logs”, both haven’t been posted in since 300+ Days ago and have tons of flaming in them…

Please start a NEW log and I will be happy to give you a diet and workout plan, and check in DAILY to update things based on your progress! I am NOT a professional trainer, but I am willing to put my best effort forth to get you to your goals! I am currently “helping” (basically free coaching) a few people, one online and three in real life. They are all doing quite well and are happy with the results!

All I ask from you is that you update the log daily with your weight and weekly with BF% so I can continue to edit my advice to keep you gaining weight appropriately, and when the time comes, to help you lose fat!

haha yeah, the one topic got filled with a lot of argument, here is my training log. I have not updated it recently, but will a short update post later tonight. Thank you so much for your help!

Okay. IF you don’t share exactly where you are at right now, then I Can’t help you though… So if you would like my help, I will need an update from TODAY with current stats and cals that your consuming and macros, and I Could help you make a plan from there. I Would also require updates every day or other day including weight updates. Up to you if you want that kind of in depth help! IF you do, make a post highlighting your CURRENT STATS and weight and cals/marcros and current cardio/workout plan, and TAG ME in the post.

If you DO NOT want that kind of “in depth” help, then let me know if you have any specific questions or want advice about anything specific. I’m happy to help any way I Can.