Shredded Shoulder!

Hi everyone,

I’m a french gymnast and lifter too, i alternate strenght bodyweight exercice like straddle planche, iron cross etc and metabolic conditionning with barbell etc.

My primary goal is to be ripped, i have a good definition on my chest, arms and trap but my shoulder look so bloat but not ripped like my chest. I can take a lot of skin on my shoulder contrary to my arms and chest.

I train my shoulder with long rep (20 _-35) or tri-set ( overhead press, 6 way or lateral raise and carry overhead ) in additionning with my bodyweight strenght training.

How can i shred my shoulder ? how many training per week ?

  1. Weird timing. I’m in France (Besancon) right now.

  2. Shredded shoulders refer to having well separated shoulders. This is sadly often genetic. Well first there is the issue of body fat… if you carry more body fat on your delts (which would be weird if you chest is lean) it can mask some definition. But you can’t really spot reduce fat on your delts.

  3. Striated shoulders is often a matter of genetics. Some people have striated pectorals others don’t even when in contest condition. Jay Cutler has super striated legs but his body had no striations at all even in contest shape. So a lot of it is genetics.

  4. Super high reps is certainly not the answer. If anything can give a muscle a harder look it’s the opposite: heavier weights. Because it targets the fast twitch fibers which are superficial while slower twitch fibers are deeper in the muscle.

  5. Loaded stretches can also help.

Here is an example… lower down until you feel the delts being stretched and hold the position for as long as tolerable… the ultimate goal is a total of 3 minutes which can be done in 3 sets of 1 minute or 2 sets of 90 seconds. Use a challenging weight. This can be done daily.

  1. Another thing to consider is that the softness of your delts could actually be water retention from overworking your shoulders. Gymnastic skills heavy involve the delts. And if you train them fairly often on top of that they could be permanently inflamed which leads to local water retention.

Hi mister Thibaudau, thx for your answer and welcome in France !

I will test the your stretching method.

This is my level of leaness

No retouche, no good light, when my shoulder is full of blood i can perceving some striation on my medial delt, my front delt are some striation when i contract them.
All guy’s with striation on deltoide haven’t some skin on them for this reason i focus this zone on metabolic circuit for target fat loss / water retention ?
In fat loss period i gain some definition on my chest arms and trap but not on my delt !

Do you thinks is the good idea ? I would like to be certain of the result ? how to recognize water retention ? When i measure, i have 1.2 cm off skin on my medial delt against 0.4 for ripped shlouder of my friend.

fuck genetic, i want a ripped shoulder :frowning:

Ps : sorry for my bad english

How can i have this level off leaness / density in my shoulders ? This type of physique is my ultimate goal.

I think it’s not fat, its water retention. You are lean enough for sure.

Do more strength work for your shoulders… AVOID DEPLETING MUSCLE GLYCOGEN WITH THE SUPER HIGH VOLUME… depleting glycogen makes the muscles flatter and as a result it doesn’t push against the skin, making the delts look less lean than they really are.

Doing high reps for shoulders, on top of all your gym work will lead to a flat muscle and water retention.

Sure doing pumnp work ameks you feel good because your delts look better during the workout, but it makes them look worse the rest of the time.

Thx, I am reassured

If your HDL method can help me to get more density muscle ? what minimal intensity for density ? 75 -85 % RM, between 6 at 8 rep with 150 sec rest ? How many training per week ( i thinks two i the best ) ?

thousand thx for your answer

I may have a unique perspective on this: I have nerve damage on my right shoulder that (according to my physiotherapist) affected only slow twitch fibres and it has always been the most striated part of my body. Interestingly however my left shoulder has caught up to it now although I couldn’t rightfully say what I have been doing did it. Oddly enough the biggest change I’ve made in my lifting the past few months is incorporating more high rep stuff–mainly incline press and growth factor shoulder complexes–but also of note is that my pressing strength is at a significant all time high. I’m not particularly lean either but it’s hard for me to judge because it seems I carry it all in one spot haha.

looking pretty good butel. Have you tried building massive shoulders with snatch grip high pull and push press work?

LIke getting much bigger hsoulders, then the striations will come.

And who the hell is that gymnast, most rio gymnasts i saw weren’t that shredded

good stuff

Hi Sigil,

I add overhead press on my workout with 80 % of my RM (4 x 6-8) 2 day per week, i do straight arm handstand press and isometric planche work too. I do snatch grip but I have a best feeling with overhead press.
Do you think is enough ?
Can i do some heavy partial lateral elevation on cable ? I search muscular density

Most of rings specialist gymnast are very stratied and i think is the result off intense straight arms strenght work in addition with low bodyfat. But i’m agree with you all gymnast are not shredded.

very cool butel looks like you’re close to an iron cross in that pic

have you been doing ring training?

Yess my first goal is ring strenght like iron cross maltese but i want a good physique too no very big but so shredded.

I this pick i’m just an support.