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Shredded in 6 Days


Hey Thibaudeau and everyone else!,

I'm planning on doing water manipulation program shredded in 6 days program starting on Wednesday and couldn't find any answers to my question when I searched the forum. I hope anyone knowledgeable here can answer and that it is the right place for the questions !

As for the questions:
-I'm currently on a high dose of creatine, should I stop taking for this program?

-I'm already drinking about 2 gallons of day, should I continue drinking that much or would I see a better flushing effect if I drink less in the next coming days leading up to the program?

I will be doing a thread in the before/after section just for fun as well !


If you are already taking creatine, keep taking it.

You want a sudden drop in water intake at the end of the peaking process. Simply increase water intake even more during the initial part of the plan. The bigger the difference between the "high" and "low" water days the more drastic the visual difference will be.


Thanks Thibaudeau, you're great! Now hope I don't fuck it up !


Hey Nonstop and CT,

I did this last week with pretty good results. I did not follow it exactly, meaning I did not do the hot bath routine Friday night or any working out that day at all, and Saturday I just woke up and weighed myself. I had no real reason to look a certain way, just wanted to do this to expand my knowledge, and see what kind of results I would get. I dropped between 6 and 7 pounds total.

Monday thru Wednesday went well. Thursday not eating any solid food drained me, and I got a pretty decent headache around 3:30 that lasted the rest of the day and night. Friday, you can literally feel yourself starting to dry out, and eating again is amazing. Saturday I woke up feeling fantastic and my wife said was commenting saying it definitely worked, meaning she could see some more ab definition and three of the four qauds, haha. All in all, I would recommend doing it, and following it to the T if you want the full results. Now it's back to eating all the food and drinking all the water!!


CT hello, here pictures of my wife before and after shredded in 6 days she followed this week

She just celebrated her birthday June 30, 52 years old

this is the fourth week of your program Lean Athlete, Athlete Strong .

we are not competitors, and we train home, I'm very proud of her :-))


sorry bug


Not bad for French people :slight_smile:

Actually being semi-serious because I know that the situation for those wanting to get muscular isn't ideal over there.


bien vrai coach , heureusement qu'il y a un forum comme Tnation, et des entraîneurs tels que vous qui nous stimulent , instruisent , et permettent de progresser .
Nous sommes adeptes de votre philosophie et des différentes méthodes de formation , suivre vos programmes est un leitmotiv puissant.

d'ailleur si vous étiez tenté par des vacances sur la côte d'azur , vous seriez le bienvenue chez nous , votre épouse aussi , on ne sait jamais :-))


Hey CT!

Just curious how well 'Shredded in 6 days' would work as the "peak week" of a 8-12 week traditional fat loss diet?

I imagine after dieting hard for 2+ months your body has already shed a ton of water weight and carbs have been low for a while, so the flushing effect might not be very drastic? Obviously I might be completely wrong here. Just wondering if it should be modified to make it work better as a peak week sort of thing.