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Shredded in 6 Days



If I'm following the outline laid in shredded in 6 days, and the shoot im doing is at 2.30pm would it be beneficial to do a neural charge workout of moderate weight focusing on speed, emphasizing the concentric and emphasizing the eccentric in the morning? or should you not train at all on the shoot day and just ingest carbs when required.



I'm not CT but I have done this a few times now. The day of you workout to get a pump as you would right before a contest.
From the page:
"1. If you over-pump, you'll have a lack of separation. If you under-pump, you'll look smaller. So, perform resistance training just enough to get a small pump and some vascularity going. This is especially true for the arms.

  1. Don't pump up the legs; they look better unpumped.

  2. Focus most of your pumping energies on shoulders and chest. It's pretty much impossible to over-pump your shoulders, so nail 'em good!

  3. If you have a choice, keep the temperature in the room high. This facilitates the pump and keeps you pumped for longer."


No it will do absolutely nothing and possibly make the muscles look less full.