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Shredded in 6 Days Trial

I’m going to be doing a 6days to shredded trial to see how my body responds in preparation for my show. I’m 9 weeks out and have never tried a water depletion strategy. This will be a good experiment for me so I can tweak and peak the one that counts. I will be following the guidelines posted in this artical

I will be posting my daily water and nutrition intake. Along with vague training outline for the day.

My water measurements are in 30 ounce yeti cups. 5 yeti cups is roughly the equivalent to one gallon. Keep that in mind

Keep the bathroom close and make sure your federation accept diuretics (if you use it).

Monday Day 1

Meal 1:
3whole eggs 5egg whites
3yetti cups

Snack1: 1/4 cup natrual whole almonds
- 1 protein shake BPI IsoWhey
- 2 yeti cups

Meal 2: 3 slices of seared ahi tuna

Snack 2: chicken walnut balsamic salad (publix)

Meal 3: 1 5oz snapper fillet
- 1 plantain
- quarter cup brown rice
- 2 yeti cups

-Pre workout mix
-Post workout isopure shake

Snack3: 1 whole avocado

Meal 4: 1 5oz steak
- 3/4 cups steamed chopped asparagus
- 3 yeti cups

Training was Back strength and conditioning moderate weight not quite to failure

TBar rows
Single DB rows
Lat pull downs
Single arm seated cable rows
100 assisted pull-ups using only as much assist as needed
DB pull overs
Inverted TRX rows

need a good abs shot so we can get a decent before/after my man

yea man. No myspace angles. basic shots are best for this sort of thing to really assess the effect.

Alright alright alright hahah I’ll take some good ones tonight along with my detailed meals and water intake. I was trying to get in and get out after my sweat session lastnight. Didn’t wanna be “that guy” taking selfies in the mirror. I will say. With carb depletion I’m feeling a little flat. I’m not necessarily sticking to the 60g carb outline the plan has set up. But I set my carbs to 10% for my daily macros which for me equal roughly 77g. Still Very low!!! Its not even noon here and I broke 60g!! Who knew blueberries had so many damn carbs haha

Tuesday (Day 2)

Morning weight 188.5

1 yeti upon waking
45 min LISS + 20min Abs AM

Meal 1- 1 cup Blueberries
1/4 cup natural almonds
25g Textured Vegitable Protein
1 BPI IsoWhey shake
2 yetis

Snack 1- blue cheese wedge with balsamic (half head of iceberg)
- 2 yetis

Meal 2- baked salmon filet (4oz)
- 7 spears asparagus
- 2 yetis

Snack 2- Starkist tuna pack
-BPI IsoWhey shake

Meal 3(pre workout)
- grilled lean turkey burger
- 1/2 cup steamed Broccoli
- 1 yeti
- pre workout matrix

Meal 4(post workout)
-6oz Serloin
- 3oz grilled shrimp
- 10 spears asparagus
- 2 yeti cups

More water to drink before bed probably 2 yetis

I have to admit I’ve been pissing my brains out all day and lastnight was even worse! 7 times I woke up to pee!! 7 Times!!!

I was tired and lethargic all day. Came home from work and took a 3 hour nap. I can tell my body is not use to running on very low carbs. I’de say not including trace carbs I consumed roughly 80g carbs today.

My evening training was legs to include but not limited to

  • Deadlifts
  • Straight leg deadlifts
  • single leg deadlifts
  • leg curls seated
  • leg curls laying
  • hack squat
  • sissy squats
  • weighted sissy squats
  • weighted walking lunges Super set with extensions
  • back extensions
  • triceps clean up(waiting for the old lady to finish cardio)

Here is a frontal view of abs and tone as of today after evening lift

Here is a side view of abs and conditioning to include Obliques

WED(day 3)

Morning update***

Last night wasn’t as bad. I only woke up 5 times to pee! Ha I woke up this morning looking pretty flat and small. I feel light but I can’t be sure because I didn’t get my morning weight. I’m really looking forward to the Friday carb up, yet I’m dreading tomorrow’s fast.

I’m beginning to think that this experiment is counter productive to my muscle growth and training regime. But I do think it will be beneficial to my weight loss (which was at a stand still) and my experience with this technique. I will probably keep my carbs lower when I finish this experiment to keep trying to loose weight and fat. I’ll probably set my carbs at 25-30% of my daily macros.

Breakfast was small this morning. Almonds and TVP with a shake. NO BLUEBERRIES!! Ha. I’ll post my daily water, meal, and training split later.

midsection looks awesome in that second picture


Today was better than yesterday I wasn’t as lethargic. Felt pretty lean throughout the day. Had an awesome pump in the gym. But felt very depleted afterwords.

Tomorrow is going to be the real struggle. No solid foods!! I don’t think I’ve ever fasted like that before. So I’m expecting to feel very depleted tomorrow, even more so than today.

Food intake:

BCAA shake upon waking

Meal 1- 1/4 cup natrual almonds
25g TVP
1 IsoWhey shake
1 yeti

Snack 1- Spring mix salad w/ ginger dressing
2 yeti

Meal 2- 6oz baked chicken breast
3/4 cup steamed broccoli
2 yeti

Snack 2- 1/4 cup natrual almonds
1 IsoWhey shake
1 yeti

Meal 3- 4oz Serloin
7 asparagus spears
1 yeti

Pre workout- 50g sweet potato
9 gummy bears
2 yeti
Pre workout matrix

Post workout- IsoWhey shake
100g turkey burger
1/3 cup steamed broccoli
2 yeti

Meal 4- 4oz baked salmon fillet
2 yeti
1 BCAA shake

I’m going to try not to consume much water before bed as I have well reached over 2 Gallons today.

Workout: Shoulders and Arms (low intensity)

Standing military press
Rear delt flys on pec deck
Seated lateral raises
Seated front raises
45lb front plate raises
Rear delt flys on incline bench reverse
Machine press drop set

Tricep pushdowns
DB skull crushers
Weighted dips
Single arm cable kickbacks
Lying DB skull crushers

Preacher curls
DB hammer curls
Barbell "crazy 8s"
Cable concentration curls

No photos today as currently I look and feel completely depleted and flat

I look forward to the results.

I’m a little nervous they aren’t going to be dramatic or flattering. But it’s no big deal. Interesting experiment minus today’s fast. I’m honestly just expecting my body to soak up the carbs and replenish my glycogen stores leaving me full looking and vascular with less water retention. But we will see. Shitty thing is work threw a wrench into the scenerio. I have a 20 hour work day tomorrow. 0430am-midnight So I won’t be doing anything but eating and resting. By tomorrow evening I’m expecting to be filled out. And then Saturday morning (afternoon rather) I will wake up feeling good replenished and hopefully “”“fingers crossed”"" ripped to shit haha

Thusday(Day 4) ** hell day

… Never let a bodybuilder starve…

…I’m staved depleted and in a severe state of hanger… (Angry because your hungry)…

That is all

Friday (day 5)

Woke up this morning and enjoyed a large bowl of mixed blueberries and pineapple. Felt so good to eat.

I woke up with a morning weight of 183.5

Amazing. That’s crazy. Over 5lbs in 5 days of water weight. That’s really cool.

Here were my meals today

Meal 1- 6 protein pancakes
- 1/2 cup blueberries
- 1/2 cup pineapple
- 8oz water

Snack1- (pre workout)
- 120Gram Sweet potato
- 14 gummy bears(32gcarbs)
- pre workout matrix (mixed with 4 oz water)

Meal 2- (post workout)
- 8oz Serloin steak
- 1 cup purple potatoes
- 3/4 cup green beans
- 8oz water

Snack 2- 120g sweet potato
-1 large green apple

Meal 3- 2 polish sausages W/ buns
- 3/4 cup purple potatoes
- few sips of water

Snack3- 1.5 cups home cooked lobster Mac and cheese
- 1 IsoWhey shake mixed with 8 oz water

Meal 4- 3 slices of pizza

No more water after pizza.

I kept a bottle of water around to replenish my pallet as I have extreme cottonmouth.

I felt the struggle today… What’s worse? No food or no water? Very hard to decide.

Unfortunately as expected work threw a wrench into this entire week. I worked till midnight tonight. Sorry no photos taken. Honestly not much looks different except my vascularity has become more pronounced again.

Saturday (day6)

Ok guys woke up this morning.

Morning weight 186

I feel and look full but nothing pronounced. Seriously not much different than before.

I had to head straight into work.

Had a bowl of fruit so far and won’t be able to get a lift in until 5pm today. Hopefully all these so called depletion (shredded in 6 day) results will still be pronounced after the gym so I can try to get a few photos for you guys.

Sorry things didn’t quite go as planned. But work comes first unfortunately.

I’ll keep you guys updated.