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Shredded in 6 Days, Fruit to Fill Liver Glycogen?

Hi coach greetings from my side. I am having an upcoming photoshoot and from tomorrow my peak week starts. I read your article shredded in 6 days and i decided to follow it. Now i am preparing my diet according to that, i have a question i am confused at one point.
During carb load, u wrote begin the carb load with fruit to fill liver glycogen. Starting the carb-up with fruit replenishes liver glycogen very fast. We believe that the faster liver glycogen is filled, the more effective the rest of the carb-up will be.
So can you mention which fruit is better to consume to fill the liver glycogen fast and how much to take. ? I m sending u the pic’s of my condition before the shoot. And sorry in advance as i am really a dummie in posing, i don’t know how to pose specially how to open the back etc.

Generally the best fruits for the first stage of carb loading, are considered to be pears, apples, mangoes, cherries and watermelon (yum) but most fruit has enough fructose to get the liver filled preferentially. Even sucrose and HFCS, or grape juice would theoretically work for an initial feeding before turning to glucose and glucose polymers.

I don’t have any advice; I just wanted to say that you look awesome and I hope you’ll come back and let us know how CT’s plan works for you - including pics.


Thanks a million for the reply okay i am planning to begin my carb load with watermelon and lets see how the rest of the carb load goes. Fingers are crossed.

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Thankyou very much for the comment, really appreciated yes definitely i will update about coach C.T plan, that how it worked on me including pic’s.


Watermelon is about 2 grams of carbs per ounce (10 per cup) so you will need about 100 ounces or so which is 6+ pounds. It’s good because it will bring in water too but a lot of potassium. I’m not sure on salt timetable but you probably want to get sodium in with that, like salt brined pickles or sauerkraut or other method if anyone has ideas. With frozen cherries you would only need about 50 ounces if bulk of food is an issue, or maybe include some dried cherries. (Or frozen cherries).

Man you are way lean! Are you trying to look striated like Andreas Munzer or what? LOL

You are really in Grrreat shape!

I have no experience on this since I just did it one time, but salt (sodium) loading worked great for me along with the increased water ingestion; but don´t know if it could interfere with CT’s plan

One old trick to look more veiny is to take Niacin prior the shooting but don´t know if it works for all and if it’s compatible with CT´s plan

Wish you the best and let us know, and see, the results

This is the whole article in which C.T said to avoid salt sodium as much as possible during carb load. So can think of adding salt or something. I am totally confused plz suggest a proper fruit to begin my carb load.


That’s the whole article of coach Christain thibaudue he says no to salt and sodium as much as possible at the time of carb load. Yes surely I’ll update after the shoot with pic’s thanks for the responce.

Watermelon is going to be high in water. If carb loading is the key, you usually want more water at the beginning of the carb load. If getting dry is more important then you want to limit water. The carb load will even dry you out by pulling water into the liver and muscles. You need to find out if water needs to be limited at meal 1.

According to C.T’s Article which i am following for my shoot he wrote on the day of carb load take 6 meals and drink water under 8 ounce with every meal till meal 4 then stop drinking water after meal 4. Approx after 3 pm i need to cut the water till shoot according to his protocol. So final I’ll go for watermelon and begin my carb load. Thanks for the path u showed. And yes getting more dry is my goal on the day of shoot.

First of all i would like to say a big thanks to Coach C.T, And i wish if he can review my condition after i followed his plan, his plan shredded in 6 days works really well on me. that’s my opinion and as per the promise i am uploading a pic after following his peak week strategy then you people decide how it worked on me. The photoshoot pic’s will come in few days but i clicked some pic’s in my phone before the shoot. I’ll upload those pic’s as well. Guys plz review so that i can be abel to know that how the strategy worked on me. Guys u saw my before pic’s up and this is the one after following C.T’S plan.

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I’d say it definitely did the trick, you look pretty dry and grainy.

Thankyou so much for the responce it is really appreciated…

You were already pretty damn ready a week ago, and this seems to have done this trick. It provided that edge.

I have some old photos of me doing this same protocol and it certainly helped when I did it, it works well.

Thanks a million bro that’s really appreciated a big thanks to you. If possible can u share ur email id…

Excellent work mate!

What are your stats out of interest?

Share my email for the pics? I’ll just post them here if you want

Not only for pic’s i also want to ask something else as well…

Thanks a million