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Shredded in 6 Days. Fats, Electrolytes?

Hey Coach!

I have two questions regarding the shredded in 6 days program.

  1. On the Friday (Carb up) should fat be minimal?

  2. Mag-10 is not available in my country, so I was thinking to replace it with peptopro, but the thing is that Mag-10 also contains lots of electrolytes, are these electrolytes needed to shred the water? Could I replace Mag-10 with peptopro + electrolytes?

Thank you.

It likely wont matter. In fact I would argue that some fat will make you look fuller. But that is not a green light to binge out on junk food.

Ideally I want electrolytes high right up to when we cut water, or dropping them 1 day before we drop water. When you have a sudden drop in electrolytes your body flushes out a lot of water, but it quickly adapts to it so you can’t cut them out too early. Plus, cutting them out to early will leave you really flat looking

Thank you coach!

So basically electrolytes are up monday-thursdag and then on friday when water is cut electrolytes/sodium intake is cut as well?

Will try this method before a contest of 19th of november.
I have been following you for basically the last 10 years and always appreciated your articles and your way of thinking.

Thanks coach.

I am preparing for a competition consisting of the following movements:

  1. Pull-ups bodyweight max reps.
  2. Dips bodyweight max reps.
  3. 1 minute of rowing on a Concept2 rowing machine, as far as you can in 1 minute.

Will this getting shredded in six days (water cut) help or not (since posing is not involved). I would assume that lower bodyweight from the water cut could give me a few more reps in pullups/dips, but at the same time the water cut would worsen performance?

As little as a 3% drop in bodyweight from water loss can decrease performance. I never performed well while dehydrated, I would not recommend doing that. Case in point many athletes who have to lose a lot of water weight to make a category have their performance suffer and injury risk increase. Sometimes adrenalin can compensate but performance will always be lower than if well hydrated.