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Shredded in 6 Days, Contest Prep


Hi guys,

In this article: http://www.T-Nation.com/free_online_article/sports_body_training_performance_diet_mass/shredded_in_6_days is told how to get in the best shape possible for a contest.

I have a chakkenge with 2 friends which is ending saturday next week. The challenge is not about who's best looking, but who lost the most fat (measured by taking skinfolds) in last 5 weeks. Allthough I'm doing well, at 6% now, I need some advice.

In the article the final days are about water retention and carb loading on friday. This give me the best look, as in full muscles, but will it give me the lowest skinfold measurement as well? My goals is to look good and muscular, but more important for me is winning the contest!
Does'nt the carb loading on friday give me water retention and thick skinfolds? Or will the carbs soak up the last bit of water in muscle and will my skin be as thin as paper?

Many thanks for your help!

Picture will be uploaded soon, I'm on ipad now..


Picture is taken last tuesday just after training upper body, and day after carb refeed on monday.


Thought you said you read it?

Depending on your current state, your skin will be sucked against your muscles as the water is depleted. Nothing to do with fat.

Where are your legs? Good upper body though.


Yeah I know, legs look quite small.... Because they are! Working on them though.

I thought it might not be good for the skin to be sucked against the muscles, this way the skinfolds woudl have been tighter and appear to be thicker. Allthough it looks shredded, for measurements it wouldn't be good..


I just tried this for a BBQ on the 4th and I was a little tighter and the carb load did fill me up without bloat.

I'd recommend giving it a try.


The only suggestion for that is that you also do a MAG-10 Pulse Fast on the first day. That way, you might loose a pound or two of fat and that would definitely give you the advantage.


Actually, you will end up losing some weight on the carb up day believe it or not because your body is flushing water out, and you arent drinking any. I've personally seen as much as 2 pounds, and I've heard some more than that being lost.

However, if your friends arent in your league (they would have to be very damn lean given your pictures) I would just continue with what you are doing, with a low carb stretch the few days before the weigh in. The possibility of messing up the intakes, looking flat, and not hitting your best condition are all quite real. When I did it I felt like I missed my peak by about 12-16 hours and looking better the next day.


Thanks for your help.

It will be a guess what happens. Might look really good day after the refeed, might look better 2 days later. Thinks it's just trying? You say it's best to make it a 2 day refeed, with less carbs per day? Say around 300 per day?

The contest is about who loses the most fat in relation to what the percentage was at the start of the 5 weeks. One friend had 14%, I was at 6,7%. allthough he had the advantage, I was dedicated to win. And still am.

Think I have to go below 4% to have a chance to beat him...


Other question: sauna will be good to lower cortisol levels, but will it make a difference in water retention the next days?
Want to go tonight, tomorrow or maybe wednesday if it doesn't hurt..


How are you guys testing the fat loss? Because it wont change if you make it a 2 day refeed vs. a one day refeed honestly. You're talking about maybe a .1 or .2lb difference in fat loss between those days, nothing anyone is going to be able to measure.

The "Shredded is 6" is to manipulate how you look with regards to your muscle fullness and where the water is located in your body, now how to lose the maximal amount of fat.

As far as the Sauna goes, Thib recommended a hot bath the night before the show, so hit that up on the day before the way in.


We take skinfold measurements, so my skin needs to bin as thin as possible. Hope water beneath skin will flush out as much as possible and give me the best possibility to win.

Have no bath tub so might try sauna instead.