Shredded for the Beach

You’re not as lean as you think, but you’re also not by any means fat, a good leanness in my opinion, from the picture. I think trying to go on a special diet to get “lean” in three weeks would hurt you much more than it would actually help you, I would say just keep up with normal diet, maybe just clean it up a bit and make sure you don’t eat too much crap.

lol looks like its abs of fat in that picture

if you wanna go somewhere with this its either V-diet

or you gotta take an old poliquin advice

you eat nothing but chicken or turkey… no red meat no veggies … only thing you cna have are fiber tablets, multivitamins and if you need carbs you get to suck on raisins but not eat them !

and then you train more than you usually do !

terrible advice blunt.

So I like this article. Good luck.

Are you sitting in your picture? Again, I dont think your body fat is as low as you think (maybe the 12-13% range), but you are still fairly lean looking.

You can try cutting carbs from your diet, and see how you look. I used to low carb 5 days, carb up 2, and I always felt I was noticeably leaner come Friday morning. However, after Sunday evening, I felt “fluffy” as it is usually referred to.

Other than that, if you want to “cut” in three weeks, you are most likely going to see a good amount of muscle loss, thats the trade off. Without making severe sacrifices when it comes to muscle loss (and the rest of your health), 3 weeks just isnt enough time.

However, cutting carbs (not cals, just carbs) probably will make you look leaner because you wont carry as much water, and if anything, will make you think you are leaner haha.

that is NOT 9-10% closer to 12-14 … and if you are 180 there i would guess you would be “ripped” at about 140. People have a very warped concept of what single digit bodyfat looks like … you are still holding significant fat in your arms and chest, much less the stomach…no miracle is goign to have you “ripped in three weeks”

FOR REFERENCE THIS GUY IS AT 9.5% … now what is yours again?

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I am a muscular guy. [/quote]


just cut cals by 500 per day, do some cardio, keep lifting 4-5 days per week, and cross your fingers that you lose 6-8 lbs of fat. that’s all you can do really. and get a tan, that always improves one’s appearance.

also i am not trying to be an asshole although it may come across that way…but some day when you have done the work to actually have some muscle and then diet down to single digits you will understand the work involved and then you too will be insulted by someone claiming they are there when they are not even close. Its not just the OP i see this crap all the time, guys think if they can see some resemblance of an ab they are 8% bodyfat.

arite jus got checked. 11.5% bf… it was abad pic of my sitting made me look less lean then i am… ill take another one wen i get a chance but i actually came across like some retarded noob but i actually know a little bit more than i came across as, i jsut didnt take the time to write an intelligent post… so let me refrain the question to this:…I am looking to get rid of the “soft” look of my muscles, anyone any suggestions for make my muscles look more dried out ? any common tricks?

try adding in a mix of heavy deadlifts in a 5 x 5 setup for 2 days/week along with a day of speed deadlifts in between the 2 heavy days. for the speed deadlifts do 6-8 sets x 2-3 reps with ~50% max with very little rest < 30 secs.

Used some of this info from Eric Cressey’s ‘Maximum Strength’ book. I wasn’t trying to cut weight in 3 weeks but I did see solid improvement from it. My friend keeps asking me how to get shredded for summer every year and every year I tell him he needs more deadlifts, if he listened he might actually see the gains he’s looking for.

been bulking with 5x5 and noww dc training… but i am now looking to lean out a bit. also, should i hop off of dc training if i am trying to lean out a bit?

forget that…keep bulking…for a long time

I don’t think it is necessarily the program you’re on. Really get your diet in line - with your 3 week time frame look at the Velocity diet - but other than that all the nutrition info on here will give you all the info you need. Maybe some hill sprints would help you too. But the best advice is next year start at least 3 months before the beach, not 3 weeks. best of luck

Go read everything in this site, come back in one year.


heres a better one…

what’s your method of checking bf%?

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heres a better one…[/quote]

You trynna get in beach condition or step on a stage condition… As far as conditioning is concerned your at the pick up bitches on the beach level. I think your confusing that with striations on ass, stage level.

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[quote]naslax13 wrote:
heres a better one…[/quote]

You trynna get in beach condition or step on a stage condition… As far as conditioning is concerned your at the pick up bitches on the beach level. I think your confusing that with striations on ass, stage level.[/quote]


You’ll probably be leaner than 90% of the other people on the beach anyway.