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Shredded by 4th of July?


Okay guys...this girl I've been hanging out with invited me to her beach house on the 4th (you can see where this is going) and I was wondering if you think it's possible to get real shredded in a week? I'm 195, 6'2, 11% bodyfat. I'm pleased with the way I look and the progress I'm making, but I thought this might be a good challenge to try and be the best lookin sob at the lake....

And I'm not meaning to be an ass, but unless you're less than 10% bodyfat, and/or have seriously leaned out in a short period of time then I'm not really gonna take consideration from someone who is 15% or has never been shredded. I'm sure you have plenty of knowledge, and I'm not meaning to disrespect, I just want advice from guys who have had experience. I'm imagining I'm gonna get two schools of thought, drop carbs completely. OR, drop calories. I'm open for both. Thanks

Current diet-
Carb cycling- I take in about 2,000 calories a day.
50-70 low days. 3x a week. Protein-250-270. Fat- 30-50
180-200 medium. 3x a week. Protein- 200-230. Fat-20-30
400-500 high. 1x per week. Protein-200. Low.
1 cheat meal, usually saturday night. hasn't hindered my progress.

Training- 4x a week.
Rotate upper body, lower body, upper body, lower, etc.

Cardio- 6x a week. 30 minute sessions done in the morning, way before training. A mix of HIIT and steady state.


If you're already lean the week before, try Thib's "shredded in 6 days" program. It's what I based my contest peak-week plan on. Great stuff.



i've done this too.

the only hard part was that i didn't fit in my tub for an Epsom salt bath. lol


I've been in this situation too. If you go on my "view posts", you can find a couple threads where I have posted pics. I sit at about 11% too and I have tried to get ultra cut for girls before as well. What I've found works best for me is preparing as soon as possible. I think what I'm about to describe is somewhat like Shredded in six days.

This will take three days taking into account that you are doing what you say you are.

1rst day: Eat as litle starches as possible and get in 1g of protein/lb. of bodyweight. Drink at least a gallon of water and eat alot of vegetables.

2nd day: Repeat day 1 only add in 1-2 cups of coffee.

3rd day: Carb up by eating 40g of carbs with each meal. By this night, you should be looking solid. Make sure that you don't drink too much water on this day. You don't want to be COMPLETELY dehydrated because you probably want to talk to this chick. You will see a huge difference in vascularity. I can't really give advice on supplements to use, but I've done this many times with out any supplements


If you're 11% BF you will not be shredded in time.


I reread the article, and I am guessing that drinking 2.5-3 gallons of water and consuming only 50g of carbs will help to push out extra water. Is this a fair assumption ?


The sudden dropping from 2-3 gallons a day to cutting water on the 5th day will create a flushing effect. Essentially you will keep pissing despite the fact that no new liquids are coming in, so the skin will tighten a bit. The deal with the carbs is to deplete your glycogen (you can also add to this by doing depletion workouts for 3-4 days straight) and then on the 5th day, you carb up and your now depleted body will supercompensate and soak up the carbs, making your muscles swell from the excess glycogen.



Let me think about this....hmmm what would I rather be........
a) 1% more shredded and hungry, while she looks and says nice abs then you can't get it up.

b)Or have a nice pump in the muscles, happy because I'm well fed, while she's digging her nails in my back muscles for the whole weekend.

I'll take B)


It's simple. Drop carbs 5 days out. Do two full body depletion workouts. Decrease liquids 2 days out (kinda like the get shredded protocol). Carb up with two regular sized meals the day before your lake trip and eat normally once you're there. You look fine and at 11% I guarantee you're gonna look better than most of the dudes anyways...


Sent u a pretty detailed PM.



you are the man stu. thank you. I can't wait. sounds brutal. and you said don't count calories...should I keep my fat low also, like below 50 like the carbs? and keep the carbs during training time?


I don't think he intends to be in contest shape in a week.


Because you'll be keeping the carbs under 50, and the protein under 150/175g you won't really be able to eat enough pure fat to really make your total cals an issue (I questioned Thibs when he explained this too! -lol). I was barely even hungry from just beating myself up so badly with the training.



When I drop my carbs that low, I get HUNGRY, and I mean I could easily become #1 buffet killer kinda hungry.


I like the way you put things in perspective


haha tell me about it dude.

last week was my last week on my cheat to lose food plan where i was eating 400-500g a day. now i'm starting the anabolic diet and i haven't had more thn 35g since last sunday.

i almost broke last night. but didn't.


okay so Mighty Stu pretty much laid everything out for me cuz he's the man...it's pretty much the get shredded in 6 days. Starting monday, I'm gonna track everything I do with pics on this thread. I'm excited. And I hope it doesn't rain on the 4th, cuz that would suck! Anyway, on a random note, I've been stuck at 194-195 for over a week. So I cut my cals to 2,000 and started doing cardio for an extra 2 sessions per week, but nothing was happening. So yesterday, I decided, screw this, I ate 2300, my normal amount, did no cardio, had a great leg workout, and I weigh 192, and look noticeably leaner! Crazy.


but, according to a few on the supplement board, the only way to lose weight is to cut calories


Damn dude you are pretty much my exact stats and you're at 2300/day normally? Do you mean on a normal diet day? I by no means have a fast metabolism; I used to be pretty fat actually. 2300/day has me losing 1.5 - 2pds/week.


ehh whatever works for you, you know? Personally, keeping my cals around 2300 for the past 7 weeks has been working perfectly for me. In the past, I've tried keto diets but my calories were at 3,000 and I just couldn't lose any fat. I looked fine, but wasn't getting any leaner. It pissed me off. Not until I started cutting calories, carb cycles, etc. did everything start coming together.

yeah I have a pretty fast metabolism. But 2300 was the magic number for a while, and I was lost roughly 1 pound a week. Until recently everything stalled, hence my explanation above of I went to 2,000, nothing happened, went back up to 2300, and lost 2 lbs. Weird.