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Shredded Abs & Flabby Manboobs?


I couldnt believe my eyes! How could a man have shredded 4 pack abs combined with fat deposits under the arm/lat/lower pec area? Bizarre, never seen this before..This dude "Pete" went from 401 lbs down to 241 lbs at 6foot 5inches on that show with Gunter's wife as a trainer...A friend taped a clip, which is how I saw this odd (or is it?) body composition...Comments/explanations please?


I'd imagine it's a combination of genetics and lack of muscle.


I bet loose skin from fast weight loss is the main reason he looks "flabby" there. He may even have pulled and/or taped down his ab skin under his shorts to help his abs show as well as they do.


Lets use some logic here. He had enough skin to hold 401lbs worth of...stuff. Then he lost 160 lbs. Well my my looks like the same amount of skin is holding 160 less lbs of shit. Not exactly the same amount of skin beacuse it does tighten up, but even if you lose weight really slowly, when you're that obese you end up with extra skin.


looks like he's wearing his trunks kinda high(hiding excess skin)lost a shit load of weight,extra skin in that area. "might" shrink.


I don't see any flab but it looks like he's trying to hide some near the bellybutton area by hiking up the shorts.


The lower pec area is usually a major problem area for a lot of men. The loose skin prevents them from getting that area shredded in just a single cut. Also too many people overdo upper pec work, and end up with strange looking pecs, some mass in the upper portion, none below.

That contributes to the look.
And finally, "loose skin" to be sure.


See, I'd have never thought of that taping thing at all...Just goes to prove the value of the "womans eye" on things...The photo doesnt do justice to the video I saw, his abs looked rock hard, but the lower pecs, etc area were jello-like in comparison, especially when he flexed the double bicep pose...


Lack of muscle seems logical, I think we all can agree hitting the lower pec is difficult(?)...


I can't disagree, it's just that his shredded abs in comparison makes such a stark contrast...It was really evident in the video moreso than the photo, it actually made me gasp in shock...


you can really see the contrast in the video vs. the posted photo, cut 4 pak, wobbly lower pecs...


Gotta' remember too, that these people were not training as bodybuilders, just general weight loss, which is why this guy stood out, you almost never see these types actually get cut enough to show abs (they are usually clothed & pulling out the waistbands of their former "fat pants" in these ads)...Being 6ft2in might be a factor also...


its just skin flab