Shredded! (A Short Film)

I think it’s safe to say that we were all this young, dumb and eager once…

LMAO @ the kid who aspires to be 145-155 that talks about how to get big and strong by downing single egg yolks. That 4-6g of protein is sure to get you swole in no time.

16min in protein=drugs

I’m interested to know what kind of software was telling these kids it’s impossible to get above 205-210 at 12% bf without steroids.

these guys have some serious confidence issues

the same software that told them they’ll get huge eating one egg a day

Funny how there was scene after scene of those kids benching and curling, but not once were they shown squatting or deadlifting. No wonder they were the same size 8 months later.

hey that one kid tried to pull a truck. Then said it’s hard. and he doesn’t need to work his legs anyway

OK the one guy wanted to be small so be it. Thats what he wants, who am I to argue. But the other guys that want to be huge don’t have the first clue about training, nutrition and rest if 8 months later nothing has changed. Talk about spinning your wheels.

Great editing.

“I dream of walking around with no shirt, but having a ripped six pack like I did in grade 2 when I was skinny. I’ve been overweight since grade 3 or so.”


Best film ever made.

Would watch again.

I liked the kid that ate the egg white!! I meand hes pushin close to 4grams of protein there. LOL!! And not to mention he could get food posion. I love egg whites but when i drink em raw there from international egg whites and I drink 12 at a time lol…But hey I know there was a time when I knew nothing about nutrition; they will get there one day if they stick it out.

Notice every scene when they were benching someone had their hands on the bar.

Good thing to, 95 lbs. could be a death sentance.

Can’t watch it for some reason… Tried both Opera and Safari.


good film… but idiot kids…

why do they use the most retarded people for these things?

I’m watching the start, so far only one of them actually looks like he does weights. He’s still pathetic though.

I show this to my students in my high school fitness course every year.

So much fail.

wow. this. video. sucks. Im gonna go chug a dozen egg whites and a snickers :slight_smile: