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Showtime Movie....Bigger, Faster, Stronger


Good movie about the stigma of Steriods in the US. Check it out if you can


I just happen to come across this on netflix. I actually found it kind of depressing. Seems like the guys in the show were mostly has-beens not in touch with reality. I did like the guy with the gigantic deformed biceps. He was hilarious!


Ya wasn't that some nasty shit.
I just thought the movie really nailed societies look on Steroids. It is a shame that the father blames T on his son's death. He should be blaming the doc that gave him the terrible advice.
It really shows just how uninformed the public really is...as well as the doctors that we are supposed to trust.


One of the best Documentaries ever.

The director actually ended up using a few cycles of Test to heal up from a hip replacement.


I wasn't a huge fan of it....

On a positive note, I was happy that it was pretty much the first "documentary" to not demonize steroids and got a lot of facts out, and hopefully made people do a little bit of thinking on their own...

but my big issue with it was that it wasn't a "documentary"...it was obviously very biased in favor of steroids....for instance, making the Cali senator and the dead kid's dad look like stammering boobs, while not casting pro-steroid guys in a negative light at all...

I would have had no problem with this if the movie had just had the balls to come out and say that it was a pro-steroid look at public's perception today, but it was too wishy washy to do so...and that really irked me...


I can see your point. I liked the part where they were looking into the abuse of adderall in University Students... thats a topic that could use more attention.


The point of the movie was to show just how the public has become anti-steroids. The fact is steroids are safe if done properly, and the rage and deaths associated are not at all the fault of steroid use. If your violent before you drink odds are your violent when drunk...same holds true for steroids. We all see the commercials..."car on steroids" The term is used over and over.

The public only hears the negatives...for some of us Steriods are life savers.
I thought is was a funny point regarding Tiger Woods lasic surgery and him cheating....kinda makes you think. Steroid information is not accurate and politicians and the public really have no clue what they are all about.
Hell aspirin has more deaths a year associated than steroids.

It's a movie made by a family of guys that do roids...so ya I guess it's pro-steroids. Not sure why that matters. We all know that the negatives aren't there like some portray. Is it for young kids to go out and try....NO not at all. Like the wrestler....he didn't kill his family and himself due to roids. Nor did the kid do the same...sorry but his dad is a bumbling idiot.

Hell man the ballpark serves alcohol like it's candy. How many traffic deaths do drunk fans cause a year because of it? Presricption meds are all about responsibility and awareness. Everything is dangerous if used improperly.


Your preaching to the choir man. You don't have to drive that home to me. But you've missed my point

You say you are "on steroids". While technically true, its not what the mainstream considers steroids. You aren't using them for pure athletic/aesthetic enhancement which is what 99% of people think of when they hear the word "steroids". You are not abusing AAS.

But regarding the movie, there is no way you can say its not biased. It was blatantly obvious. And I don't have a single problem with that. If you had interpreted my OP correctly, you would have deduced that my problem with the movie was that it was "wishy washy".

You can't make a movie that makes anti-steroids people out to be bumbling stuttering idiots, praise all the benefits of steroids, state repeatedly how many other things are killing people, and at the end back track and say some stupid shit about "how the jury is still out and nothing is conclusive". Well, then why did you just spend 2 hours leading me down the path to conclusion?

That's not a "documentary" that's a damn M. Night Shymalan movie. And I hate that no-talent asshat.


"M. Night Shymalan movie. And I hate that no-talent asshat" I agree mostly, but 6th Sense kicked ass =>)

I agree there is a lot of misinfo out there. Maybe it lost some style points with the presentation. Personally, I didn't have a problem w/the presentation.

This is a good objective look at steroids, featuring host Bryant Gumbel =>) Watch both parts:


The movie is a documentary...it's about the life of 3 brothers w/ steroids in their life
I don't see your point...but hey who cares. I have mine you have yours