Shows You're Watching!

Figured I should stop posting about shows in the movie thread. Been watching some shows I have been enjoying.

Yellowstone. Finished the second season. Love it so far. It’s like the godfather with horses and cows. Very violent. So far 9.5/10.

Wife is visiting her mother in Florida, and I was told no Yellowstone while she is gone. So I started the prequel 1883. For far so good. Sam Elliott had a mustache to be envious of. So far 9/10.

Finished the last kingdom. Excellent Imo. 10/10.

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Caught up on Severance. I’m so hooked into that damn show.

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Better Call Saul!!!


I really enjoyed:
Hell on wheels
Green arrow
The punisher
The black list
The good place
Designated survivor
The queens gambit
The umbrella academy
The ranch

Plenty more but that’s what came to the top of ma brain lol


I also liked the queen’s gambit. My wife just thought she was a bitch though, so she wasn’t a fan. I like the concept of mini series. I don’t have to be invested for 50 hours, but I get more story than a movie. Chernobyl was an amazing mini series. Made me less upset about the money I spent on HBO for the last season of GOT.

I’ve been thinking about maybe Ozarks?

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Ozarks is solid. Took me a bit to get into it but I really enjoyed it.


I started Ozark a few years ago and never got past the second episode, but it’s one of those shows I’ve always intended to continue.

Currently making my way through Sons of Anarchy.

Haven’t gotten around to the latest (last?) season of Better Call Saul but that’ll happen sometime.

Also watching Seinfeld with my mom, haha. I’ve never watched it and it’s nostalgic for her, so we’ll watch it together sometimes.

Yellowstone and 1883 are on the list. I’m gonna make my way west sometime this summer and learn how to makes bows and arrows from the guy they hired to make bows for 1883. Really looking forward to that.


I want to watch Yellowstone and Haunting at Hill House but am never able to get control of the TV, so I’ve been watching a lot of The OC and The Flight Attendant. I like both. ,The OC for the nostalgia and flight attendant because Kaley Cuoco is hilarious in a very depressing kind of way… she plays the part very well.

My favorite show ever and probably the greatest show ever created is True Detective season 1. I can’t get over how much I wish they were able to find the same magic for seasons 2 and 3. I hung on every single word Matthew McConaughey said throughout the entire thing.

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True Detective Season 1 was some of the best acting ever.


True detective season one is legit. I binged that a few years back. So dark, but it just sucked me in.

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Yellowstone is excellent
1883 very good
Mayor of Kingstown is another good one

my fav are

Blue Bloods
FBI Most Wanted

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I’m on season 6 of The Jerry Springer Show. It is obvious that they were still figuring out the show in the first few seasons, but the quality is really starting to pick up.

I can’t wait to check out Jerry Springer: Too Hot For TV when I get done with season 26.


The Punisher was great when he was introduced in the Daredevil series, but as one would expect, they sort of fucked up that character when they gave him his own series.
They did the same shit with Boba Fett.

I really liked Sons of Anarchy.
I thought maybe the plot was a bit over the top sometimes during the first few seasons, but as got to the later seasons I realized that no, the first seasons weren’t that over the top.

Currently I’m watching Norsemen. I find it hilarious.

Just started Godless. Seems interesting so far, and like @mnben87 mentioned before, I too like the concept of miniseries.


I. Fucking. Love. Jerry. Springer.

The wife and I occasionally have Jerry Springer movie dates when we’re short on time

Norseman was hilarious

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I’m surprised it’s even on Netflix considering the topics they joke about on the show.
I mean, they tried to cancel Chappelle and Jimi Carr, ffs.


I watched all seasons of Schitt’s Creek recently. Top notch funny with quick witted humor.

Wynona Earp is decent (though I only made through season 1 so far). Basically the Earp family is cursed. Old Western meets sci-fi.

I am a big fan of Supernatural which ended a 15 season run a couple years ago. Haven’t made it through the last season yet.


Outer Range on Prime looks kinda interesting. I tend to like Josh Brolin, though nothing tops this role:

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I have been watching season 3 of Expedition Bigfoot. Interesting evidence found so far through three seasons.

Maybe Bigfoot exists, maybe it doesn’t but for reality tv the show is at least entertaining.

Bit old school but best TV created is The Wire/The Sopranos, can’t chose between.

More recently I love Bosch, no weak series or episodes which can’t be said for bigger budget shows like Vikings, Walking Dead etc which started strong but just diluted over time.

Currently watching Slow Horses on Apple TV and The Last Kingdom on Netflix