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Showing Up.....PL Competiton


I finally decided to heed the advice of Dan John and 'show up'. I'm going to watch my first P/L competition this Sat to get some tips, advice, and whatnot because I'm going to enter my first ever P/L competition in either Feb or Apr of '06 (Apr for sure, Feb if they have one). I'm not doing it to beat anyone. Lord knows that won't happen (my numbers REALLY suck). I'm doing it to say that I did it.

My goal for that comp. is 1100lb. If I like it, and I'm sure I will, I will do it on a regular basis. It's amazing how a goal and a deadline can really focus a person. I'll be lifting in the Masters (40-49) group. Haven't decided a weightclass yet..


Go watch and learn, then enter and lift and have fun.


write the check, send it in, then don't wimp out.

It will change your training and maybe even your life.



I'm 43. Went to my first one last April. It was great. Met some fantastic people who were all very nice and helpful. A couple of things I learned were;
Wait for the Rack Command. Make sure to pause long enough on the bench, and no one seems to care about your numbers but you...and that is a good thing, cause you are the only one you gotta be better than.

Good luck and have a great time.


Good idea to check out a competition first. Whenever you try something new always remember my motto (when I use to run marathons for a case beer):

Dumb enough to start, dumb enough to finish

Glad to see another old guy inspired to "show up".

 Some of us are a lot older than you and still compete. (Although, come to think of it, I've gotta rehab my fucked-up hamstrings before I enter another contest....)

 After you decide which association you will compete in, find out their web or snail mail address. (Powerlifting-USA Magazine may be able to help you in this regard.) Get a copy of their rulebook. Study it. "Ya don't even know how to cheat, if ya don't know the rules!"  


PL is the only sport I have ever been involved in where your competition is willing to help you, cheer for you and then go have a drink with ya! Have a good time.


The meet was cool. I saw a 181lb'er put up 500lb in the bench. It was unreal. Another kid, couldn't been 18, if he was a day, put up 450 in the squat at what looked like 165lb. I know the weights of the individuals are close to what I said because it was the 181 and under lifters that I saw. Had to leave before the 198's and over. Very inspirational. I will be competing in April.


I'm 39 and I'm competing in my second PL event this weekend. Hoping to go over 1250. My first one I wasn't real sure of my opening lifts, big mistake. My second lifts were too big of jumps, so my third lifts were pretty sketchy. My first competition was with NASA (Natural Athlete Strength Association). Good people! On my first lift, I approached the bar and the crowd of people just fades away. All you see is the knurling on the bar. Then you start to hear all the other lifters start barking orders, "Head up! Choke the bar! Butt down! Stand up! Celebrate!" That's a huge lift, all those monsters yelling instructions at you. 4 more days, I CAN'T TAKE IT!!!

Good luck, chalk up, GO BIG!


Let me know how you do. At what weight do you compete at? I'm looking at 198 or 220, depends on where I'm at 8 weeks out.


My first comp was at 220. I've found there's hardly anybody at this weight class, if you're wondering about getting a trophy. I waited too long this time and am at 230, so I'll have to go against the 242's. Alot of times these are the meet's best lifters, as far as totals and best bodyweight coefficients. I'm hoping all the monsters will be at WABDL World's in Reno. Good luck.


Competing's the best. Check it out first, set your plan up and then just do it!!! The day before the show, set up all your equipment and food. Having everything ready and at your fingertips make the day of contest jitters much easier to deal with. Make your openers lifts you can definitely hit. Getting that first lift in makes the first show nerves that much easier also.


I took second. I achieved my goal of 1200, I totalled 1218. I got my 1200# on my second deadlift of 424. So on my third I just picked 440 as a nice round number and nailed it. There is no feeling like standing up with that and looking around the room on your last lift!

One thing I did learn was to 'not' turn your sleeves a little more on your bench shirt the day of the meet. It changed my path a little and I hit lower than usual, missed my opener. I knew I had it so I went up on my second bench but still went pretty slow on that, my head wasn't fully in it. My third was the quickest press of the day. But what a blast! Met a bunch of super nice people, seen a lot of faces from my first meet. You gotta do it, everyone there is 'about' the same thing. Shut up, chalk up, GO BIG!


Way to go. Tell ya somethin. Since I started doing 'proper depth' squats, my number went way down (for now) but at least I now know what is proper depth. I had to use a box to find it. Pausing on the bench is also a new thing for me, and is really difficult. But it's coming along. Slowly, but steadily.


I would love to check out some competitions and compete in some natural/raw ones (I don't have any gear).

I'm 44 and just hit a total of 1000lbs so I think I could do well.

I've checked online PL mags, etc. and can't find any local meets in the area north of Boston. I'd be willing to travel a couple hours.
Any suggestions on where to go to find the competitions in my area??

Feel free to PM me. Thanks in advance.