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Showering at the gym

What is the deal with the guys that shower and then walk all the way back to the locker room to dry off? The shower area is tiled and has floor drains. The rest of the locker room, except the bathroom, is regular flooring. Why do you suppose these dense SOBs feel the need to track water from one end of the place to the other? It’s like you have to play hopscotch around the puddles if you are inbetween having shoes on and having bare feet. Soaking up some other dickhead’s shower water with my socks just isn’t my idea of a good time. Maybe mommy didn’t give them that lesson or something. Hmm.

yes, i know exactly what you mean. i dont understand why those fat asses with rolls walk around the gym locker room with no shame.

THIS is a reason why I work out and get out. I don’t even step foot in the women’s locker room. Scary. Just very scary territory.

Sez you! :slight_smile:

Actually, the fat fucks (sorry, I just got off the “fuck” thread in "training/nutrition) can help a person not feel like such a fat ass when first coming back to the gym. The club I work out at has a median age of about 103 and BF% of 52, so no matter how long your layoff, you feel like the fittest person in the locker room. Kind of sad, huh?

For some reason there are men who enjoy parading around naked in the locker room. And for some reason, the fatter and/or the older the individual, the more likely they are to spend incredible amounts of time doing this.

I suppose they are wanna-be nudist colony members but don’t know where to go, and instead get their kicks at the gym. It can be quite disgusting.

It kills me everytime I walk into the sauna and there’s some old naked fat guy sitting there with a grin on his face.

Apparently this stuff is universal. One of my gyms is this old Holiday Fitness center. At least 90% of the population is 60+. Almost none of them lift or do cardio. They generally stay in the ‘wet’ areas. Every damn time I’m changing these fuckers are in the locker room dripping water all over the benches. Standing around naked and talking politics.

I dont want ot make this seem scientific, but there is a direct co-relation of “Having a BIG DICK vs strutting around naked after shower”

I workout at a gym at work in a Federal Courthouse and there are no words to describe how disgusting and crude it is to see two or three 70 year old nude judges standing around discussing law.

At my gym, the big problem in the locker room isn’t just guys parading around naked for too long, it’s hairy fuckers parading around naked. Yesterday, I swear to god, there was one guy who put gorillas to shame in the fur department. You couldn’t even see his nipples due to all the chest hair. It’s guys like that who make me afraid to shower at the gym: I might be attacked by a Tribble in the shower drain!

haha I hate that too… damn puddles… in fact I dislike showering at the gym (you have to play guess which shower has the hot water today game and the whops the soap dispenser is empty again) so freakin much I actually moved closer to my gym (I live like 1 mile away its great). So then I can just go home after a workout in sweaty clothes, drink my post workout shake, take a shower, then wait a few mins and eat post workout meal. Anywho even tho I get to be totaly free of the shower insanity I still get the wet floor and I’m in socks and gonna have to step into it craze. I don’t know if these doods can’t help it or if they do it on purpouse but its freakin annoying. Nother annoying thing is the locker room attendant chatting when there are freakin pieces of litter all over the floor, or some club employees sitting around in stretching areas taking up valuable room and watching the tv… WTF?

Ah, you bunch of crybabies. There are people who are not concerned with BF levels and are comfortable with the way they look naked, no matter how much of a fat or hairy fuck they are. As for puddles, yeah, you could catch a cold or something, but unless you are walking around too srutting your stuff, spending 30 minutes in the friggin locker room, there isnt any problem, is there?

this is one of the reasons i quit going to a healthclub years back,it made me sick.

I don’t give a rip about the clothing or lack thereof. 8 years in the Navy pretty well removes any modesty problems a guy might have. It’s just the lack of concern for other people. Lots of people use the damn shower and locker room and toweling off in the tiled area next to the shower, right where the fucking towel hooks are, is being considerate of other people. Dripping water on the floor and benches in front of the lockers is just being a rude prick. One of those fat 60 year olds could break a hip slipping on the water. That would delay my departure to go to work. I don’t like to be late or listen to people groaning in pain.

That’s it, I’m putting up a sign in all your guy’s gyms that say “If you are over 15% bodyfat you must shower with a shirt and a swimming suit on. You must also change in the back of the locker room as you might offend someone who is of lesser bodyfat. You must also have an average sized penis to appear naked in the locker room. It can neither be too big nor to small otherwise you might offend someone. Also, no talking while nude, you must only make eye contact with the wall ahead of you. This is for all you cock lookers out there.”

As for dripping water all over the place though. God damn right, that bothers the fuck out of me too, so one should towel off in the shower area.

HUH? Not that I go out of my way to look but it seems the smaller the dick the more these douches are showing off. Noone should be naked in the gym. Yuck. Bill is right the older the person the more chance that their naked.

Mamann: yes, sad. Not “kinda” but a strong, exclamantory SAD.

Hey, it's not the locker rooms - but as was said by some already, it's the damn gym floor. Littered with empty "Carbo Load" bottles, water bottles, weights and them goddamn blue foam pads. Do those pad have legs of their own and waddle out to spaces where they do not belong? Doubt it. And there's always one lying in the middle of the power lifting platform - damn, weak "health clubin" lazy asses. Put 'em away for gods sake - what am I? Your mother?

Okay. Wow. Nice to vent that out. Thanks people.

There are several serious mental cases in my gym too that dwell in the locker room. The first one is obvious schizophrenic who takes and arranges his clothes for 60-90 minutes prior to stepping to the gym and showers for 2 hours. Seriously, the guy is taking his clothes off and talking to himself for an hour and a half. Then he usually looks for me in the gym and asks me how many more sets do I have. I swear, he is always behind my back. He continues to talk to himself in the gym too, sometimes discussing various topics with whoever lives in his head and no matter how many of them are there. I call this guy Shawn Ray, I don’t know why. He has been doing 4x10x160 lb on the bench press for eons. There is another 25 yo mental case with greasy hair and Norman Bates eyes who comes to the gym with his mother who is trying to sell everybody wonder algae that lower bodyfat levels. I swear, she is 5 ft high and has 250 lbs. Another looney warms up by running up and down the gym. We have several cops doing bench-curling split regularly and weird tibialis exercises that are unheard of and some 6 ft 5 ripped guys weighing at a whooping 150 lbs. There is a guy who say that he weighs 240 lbs just like Arnold did when he won Olympia, but he is “a bit fatter”. In fact, he is 6 ft, 250 lbs and 40 % bf. The infamous bencher-upright rower combination on the bench is there 0-24. Pec deck is always occupied by people doing decent back exercise by being leaned too forward and sitting too low. Cable station is constant source of inspiration for various bozos who perform non existant chest shaping exercises and shoulder widening exercises in a circular manner. Lat machines and rowing stations clearly show how strong human spine can be. There is a guy deadlifting with upright-bent over row-high-jump-shrugs technique. I swear I can her his spinal cord resonating high C tone when he does the movement. However, the winner is virgin psycho-stalker-girl who has been trying to get laid in the gym without success for the past 2 years and is in constant search for the next chat buddy. I have heard her telling jokes. Scary shit, trust me.

My favorite is this Chinese guy who used to lie naked on the locker room floor and lift his legs up as high as he could and hold it as high as he could. He’d do this for like 15 minutes before he’d go workout. Maybe it’s just me, but couldn’t he have done this on a mat in the gym? Not naked? So the first thing people see when they walk in the locker room aren’t his balls and asshole?