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Show Your Support For Our Troops


I don't know how many Military T-Men and T-Women are out there, but just in case they can log onto T-Nation from wherever they are serving, I want to give those, like me, who appreciate the selfless sacrifice of these brave men and women, the opportunity to show our love and support for them.

Thank you to all of our brave troops who have given up so much for so little to defend our nation and way of life.

May God bless you!



I simply don't believe that there is nobody on T-Nation willing to take a stand to support our brave young men and women who are out in harms way.

While we, in the comfort of our nice homes, discuss ways of getting bigger and stronger, these people are protecting US.

Is there nobody who will stand up for the troops. I cannot imagine the disappointment that the soldiers and their families would have upon seeing no response to this post.

God Bless Our Brave Troops!


Read some of my posts. Not the ones on training. You'll disagree with everything I wrote and also think I'm certifiably insane. But, for me, that just means I''m on the right track. Same with this topic. I support all troops live and dead. And I also support those who have not become troops and will some day. Greatest honor you will ever achieve.

-From a former Marine
-Semper Fi


god has no been nice to the troops currently, otherwise he would get them out of that toilet and stop blowing them up.


I'll step up to say that I truely support our men and women serving our country. Even though their purpose for the battles are suspect and disagreeable, I still am behind each and every person that puts their life on the line for the USA. It's not an easy task being a soldier and I respect all of them for that. God bless them all and I pray for a safe return for those on the front.


What stand are you taking? Posting on a message board?


I support your troops, even though I am a Canadian. I have an adopted soldier who just got back from Iraq. (Having an adopted soldier basically means you send him or her care packages and emails.)


I don't know exactly what "support the troops" means.

Its easy to espouse catch phrases like this, to put your little magnet on the back of your SUV, and talk about it.

But what does the saying mean? People who support the war say it means giving them the most efficient killing devices in history and sending them to kill Muslims. Some people think that it means praying for them. Some, like me, think that supporting the troops means not putting them in harm's way unless its absolutely necessary and there are no other recourses. Some think that supporting them means bringing them home- NOW.

By meaning everything, this phrase means nothing. Until I figure it out, I'm not going to say it, or put a magnet on the tailgate of my truck.

But if it means praying to a God (whos existence I'm unsure of) that every one of them comes home alive, and safe, back to their mothers and girlfriends and proud fathers, then I guess I do support them, in my own way. And I hope that we learn the lesson eventually, that its our job as citizens to make them fight as little as possible, and keep all of them alive.

This post was directed at no one in particular.


I support the troops and their mission.

God Bless them all.



I love lamp.


I almost cannot believe the fact that there have only been one or two posts on this thread that show unequovacle support for the men and women who are in harms way, defending our way of lifge.

Why is it that some many people can take the time to post pictures of their bodies, comment to ridiculous assertions that we are decedents from viruses, but almost nobody cares to take the time to send a hearty "T-Nation" thank you and support for our troops.

We are Americans! Our soldiers are fighting for us!

Wake up T-Nation!


This thread does nothing to support the troops. I have stayed out because these things usually turn into pissing matches.

Send them care packages.

Give the ones you know pocket knives and leatherman tools before they go over.

Shake their hands and say thanks when you see them.


Good post, Zap. Words on a message board are hollow if they are not backed by action.


Well put.


Are they fighting for you, or for their lives.

I bet if you ask them, they dont have a clue who you are.

I think you had best pray for them on our behalf. that way, they can be protected AND supported.


Zap and others,

I agree with the actions that you suggest. These are great ideas.

Remember, you don't know me and what I do to support the troops otherwise, but I can tell you that if I were in Iraq and logged onto a forum that poured out support and love for what I was doing, I would be greatly encourged.

I think we are missing an opportunity here, but I will let this thread go if everyone feels the way Zap does.



They are fighting for all of us -- you know "us" = U.S.

I do pray for them and I will continue to do so. Hey, if you get saved, you can pray for them too!


This one thing is the most important thing I can do.

I remember a couple years ago, Army recruiters were at my college. Man, did these guys take some shit. Stupid asses would start arguments with them, berate them, etc. It infuriated me to no end knowing that this is what these guys thought was going on everywhere.

After seeing that, I made it a point to shake every one of their hands any time I saw them. The first time I did it, the guy asked if I was ex-military, as they'd gotten such a terrible reception there and it took him by surprise. I just said, "Nope. Just wanted to say thanks". I think it means alot to them, to know that we understand that they are doing what they think is right. Not too mention they are among the few who would be willing to die for it.

I think if I ever see that happen again, the situation will turn ugly. There is no excuse for not helping these guys in every way possible.

"People sleep peaceably in their beds at night only because rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf."
- George Orwell


Great post Irish!

Wow, we finally agree...........!


I completely agree with this, which is why I don't find christianity to be a very compelling idea. Jesus was a pacifist who died, rather than defend himself and many of his followers did the same. His way of life just doesn't seem compatible to me with today's republichristians.