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Show YOUR Strongman Videos

Here are a couple of my competitions from the past year:

And that’s Bill Kazmaier in the second video on the left during the truck pull. Pretty sweet.


This is the most recent contest I competed in (New Hampshire’s Strongest Man). I don’t have video of the first two events (axil press and car deadlift). Also, I really bombed the keg carry–I really need to work on holding events.

This is a video of my first competition which was last month, I’m Alex, the first lifter on the video. I came second and it all came down to the stones (classic). My next one is a qualifier for Britains Strongest man in March.

Great vids! Thanks for sharing those. The strongman comps look like a lot of fun.

Wow…impressive videos, every one!

Some up and coming Canadian talent

Hey everyone, first post! I just had my first newbie meet last Saturday. Here are a few vids I took of training during the run up to the competition:

(the log is between 185-225 pounds. nobody’s really sure and the hallway to the locker room is weird and angular so I couldn’t get it to the scale. for the sake of lowballing I’ll say the log is 185)

Just some BB farmer’s walk. fat man cardio FTW

700 pound stack-o-tire flip. I know my head is up too high/shouldn’t be touching the tire/bad for my cervical spine/neutral spine alignment/blah blah blah, I saw that in retrospect and at the end of the day that’s the point of these vids, I guess

Anyway, I apologize if I didn’t link these properly and as soon as I get home from work (at the internet’s most hated national supplement retail chain, I’ll let you guess where), I’ll do a better job linking them.

thanks for watching!

super stuff guys !!!

www.youtube.com/ko421 my channel…

video from this week

First time doing atlas stones.
173 x 3
195 x 1
195 x 1


Typical event day.

Can’t believe I let this die, I love some good strongman videos!

Here’s my competition last weekend, tied for lightest competitor at 210lbs but managed to come in 8th out of a great bunch of 16 competitiors.

First competition in the open category. Did one as a novice last year. Had a great day, the comp was run very well, and I’ll definitely do it again next year.

Nice work on that deadlift Billums!

Kalle looks like you have an awesome group to train with. and good Axle technique, something I need to work on. Started collecting parts to make myself an axle so I don’t look like a fool again in my next competition.

Here is one of mine, YouTube channel is www.youtube.com/tmutafs

Already subscribed to you for sometime lol. Mine can be found at Moosyiii88

Don’t have anything new, but here are some older videos

Comp from 2009

Training lifts

cool vid man! heres one i made about a week ago of me and the guys training over the past few months. we’re still fairly new to the sport but catchin on quickly for not having anyone to look after us. made alot of our own equipment. theres some clips of me and another guy in there at our first comp and we are getting ready for our next one on Aug 25

and mutaffis, youre a frickin beast! keep up the awesome work man!

just found this thread and its AWESOME! Me and my crew are wanting to get into strongman after a powerlifting background and bodybuilding, we JUST started trying to train for strongman and bought some cool toys to play with, ill post up my video from a few days ago, please keep in mind this is the FIRST TIME ever touching these implements haha So dont give us too hard of a time guys!!! Very awesome thread!!! Gets me pumped to become a strongman and have monster TRAPPPPPPPPPPPPS!!!