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Show Us Your Desk

Hi! So a while back i was part of a different forum, and there was this show your desk topic going around.
Thought idd make it here.

So lets go:

This is just a pic of my entire desk.
Now lets get into some more specific pics.

Pic of my mouse wich is the MX master mouse. Great mouse.

Laptop of choise, Macbook pro 15 "
Went with this one and not the newest one purely because this one had more port options then that one. And its 500$ cheaper. I mainly went with apple due to it being the main OS used for graphic design. Which is the study im following.

And a pic of my cat, her name is lotje. She’s 1.2 years old. She’s getting a little brother/sister soon. :slight_smile:

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That is one hell of a mouse pad, dude.

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I never run out of tracking space when doing stuff with my mouse.
Also my cat loves sleeping on it, fully spread. thats why its covered in hairs.

Can I play too?

That’s my little shop of horrors. I use it mostly for little odd ends and keeping my skills up during down times.

The blue box is a PRC (chinese) stick and tig welder, and the red one is a Lincoln sp-175t. The peoples republic machine came with a surprisingly nice tig torch though. Thats a Binzel # 17 air cooled, with a # 7 cup, and 3/32 2% lanthanated tungsten electrode.

Here’s a shot from an assembly tutorial I put together for another forum-

I also have a 50’ 240v extension chord in case something doesn’t fit in on the bench or in the garage.


Lol Skyz wins!

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The “It’s 80 degrees out, so this is where I’ll be working today” office.

Looking out the middle-bottom screen is Lola, our 19-year old cat with one eye. She doesn’t particularly like her cat brother and sister, or her dog sister, but she does like the porch.


I’ve got no clue what any of that is, But it looks cool!

Thats the best office.

Its my desk! More like bench, but I was just goofing a little because that is not what people would typically think of on the topic.

My cats won’t come anywhere near it.:confused:

Guess i win that. My cat lays on it longout.

I don’t spend much time at my desk.

Here are my desks. Another tally for the unconventional.


I don’t have a desk at the moment only this shitty coffee table

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Main desk:

Alternate desk:

Second alternate desk:


Dust yo desk damn

Pfff, your whole wall isn’t even covered with various degrees and what not, pathetic…

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@hugh_gilly I make 200-300 lbs of wood dust a day. I try, I swear.

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That’s better