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Show Up on a Piss Test?


I am in the NYPD. I suffer from muscle strains, tennis elbow , and other joint problems. I am competive in judo and grappling. I want to take something to help me heal. I have been dealing with these problems for a year now and I haven't healed naturally. I am desperate. I am thinking about taking a steroid to help me finally heal. My only concern is that I am afraid of popping on a piss test.

I don't want to lose my job for testing + on a piss test. Does standard piss tests show if someone is using steroid? Can someone help me? I have been getting so many different answers from everyone. I don't know anyone in the NYPD or FDNY that takes steroids, therefore I have noone to ask that I can trust.


Well, anything that you take will show up on a drug test, if they are looking for it. But that all depends on the type of test. I don't think that your typical drug test for work will test for steroid metabolites (like an IOC test will). It may check your test/epitest ratio, but I don't know. You need to find out how the test works, and then you know what you can or cannot use.


Instead of treating the symptoms, treat the problem.

How old are you?

How often do you train?

Hows your diet?

Do you take in good quality protein, Like Grow!?

Do you take ZMA? Does wonders for recovery. So does Flameout.


gh i believe does not show up and will assist all those things you are looking at.


I don't believe that the NYPD tests for steroids at all


Most places don't test for steroids. They're concerned if you're using things like amphetamines, heroin, etc.

Having a juicer on the force is one thing, having a crackhead is different.

And like Velvet said, look into the suppliments before you dive into steroids.

Fish oil and glucosamine help my powerlifting joints even when they ACHE.

That being said, I believe Deca is well known for its joint aiding properties, but it also has something like an 18 month period in which it's detectible.


I really don`t think juice is the answer for you. Have you tried an anti inflammatory like Flameout?, plus using Glucosamine/Chondroitin/MSM, to help repair the cartilage, and ligaments. It sounds like you are very active between your job and your training, are you getting enough down time to heal and rest properly?


anavar is supposed to be good for what you are describing and the detection time is around 3 weeks I believe.


The best roid for this is Deca. They can and do test cops for steroids, but they need to specifically test for it. Anabolics are not part of the stardard screen. Youd have to prompt their curiosity, which might be hard... might be easy to do. Largely depends on you. Trouble is, Deca will show up for up to 18 months. Its not your best solution. Dont be a twit. Youre a cop. If your joints hurt, get a massage. If you have tennis elbow, have someone at the country club give you a rubdown. Stay away from roids.



The most common tests are the 5 panel and 10 panel tests. Unless you have done something to merit a steroid test you will only be tested for the base 5 or 10. Those include

Amphetamine 1,000 ng/ml
Methamphetamine 1,000 ng/ml
Cocaine 300 ng/ml
Marijuana(THC) 50 ng/ml
Opiate 2,000 ng/ml

the 10 panel is

Phencyclidine (PCP)

None of these are steroids so you should be safe.


Growth hormone is exactly what you need.


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uhh gh is amazing and amazingly expensive. most places only care if you are on drugs like amphetamines, weed, cocaine, crack, you know the good stuff. jk. most often they dont check for steroids. these tests can be somewhat expensive and to my belief your NY goverment doesnt want to waste its money testing people for gear when they can use that money for other things. think about it. its a big force on a limited budget.


First of all, lots of people develop major joint problems with GH. I know a billion losers running around, grabbing their wrists, screaming about carpal tunnel.

I think the answer is much more simple than that. There are other medications and therapies for sore joints. Ask any grandmother. This is a cop we are talking about. Let him follow the rules. Get some Ben Gay and get back to work.


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I worked at a drug testing clinic for nearly three years, and I can almost guarantee you that they will not test you for steroids.

As stated above, they will give you the standard NIDA 5 panel, possibly the 10, including what the guy like 7 posts above me said.

Without giving out too much info, the costs involved with confirmation testing (to confirm positive results) using GCMS for steroids are way higher.


I have not met anyone with carpal tunnel due to GH. O well your billion loosers beats that.

One the real subject. I would recomend starting on Glucosimine MSM you can get it at your local store. If you are 30 or over you can obtain leagaly what you seek through a Anti Aging Group. This is still possible for people under 30 it is just that the test. levels are usualy at a low enough point to get treatment. If you need a point of contact PM me and I will help all I can.


Yeah, like I said... lots of people CLAIM to get joint-related issues. If you are aware of how gh works, it will not the that extraordinary of an idea. I did not have that happen even at 18iu a day. Yeah, I used to have some money.


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