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Show Off Your Pets

She thought I was going to leave her (which is why I normally put her in the crate, during the day), so a treat wasn’t sufficient. Treat + coaxing + a little push in the butt got her in, she glared at me while I worked for a few min then passed out for 45 minutes. A success!

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She pretty much decided within a day she was our dog and lived here now. We named her Rhea and she follows us around the house so she can sleep in whatever room we are in.

I think she is a lab/pointer/maybe pitbull mix. I also had to break down and buy her a coat for the snowy weather, she does not seem to have much undercoat to keep her warm and dry.


My dog honestly looks pretty similar. The rescue we got her from said she was a “border collie mix” but if she is it’s a tiny percentage. Seems hound/pointer is more likely, we got the embark test though so we’ll know in a week or two.


Our guy sleeps wherever we are. We have a crate but I’m not a huge fan. We have it set up so he can retreat to it when he wants quiet. So far the only time we actually shut him in it is when we train in our basement. We tried to get him to go down with us but he freaked out like we had dead bodies down there.


Nothing beats a picture of a boy and his best bud dog.

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It’s COLD out there today!


Out of all the things I have encountered today, this made me smile the most. I love the oufit.

She’s such a complete goober. I smile more since she’s come along.


How did he make out with his boots?

It’s also super cold here today. -18C. Gord seems okay but I’m not loving it.

All right, you forced me to do this! I wasn’t going to, but…

We were at -18 when we woke up this morning. You can hear it in the way the snow crunches. We’re scheduled for 8-12" tomorrow. Hopefully we’ll get even more!


I am giggling.

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That’s a happy doggy!

Lots of crunchy snow to munch!

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I laughed hard at the indoor stomping!

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I know it’s cold when the deck boards creak and crack when you’re walking on them.

Your guy looks like he’s not doing too badly. It’s a bit tentative but he’s not really doing the high step.

(She) actually ran and frisked after the slow start. Part of the hesitance was that I wasn’t dressed for outside and she doesn’t like leaving me behind. But it was maybe -5F, and I was headed back in.

I loved the clomping sound she made in them. Happy, happy.