Show Off Your Pets

Oh, I love him! He has that same worried look they all seem to have at first, though. It makes me sad.

I see the Rhodesian in him, and I would agree some bulldog of some sort. Beyond that who knows. It’s fun to speculate though.

Congratulations! I look forward to many, many photographic evidences that he is both cute and happy.:blush:

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Aww, Gord is clearly a good boy.

Texas seems to export a LOT of pets, my wife and I foster animals with a local shelter (Seattle area) and they regularly get truckloads of dogs and cats from the high-kill shelters down there. The puppy we adopted was through a different shelter, but was also rescued from a place in Texas where she was scheduled to be euthanized because she might be part pitbull.

This is her, in all her clearly dangerous and ferocious glory:



Just picked this guy up at a no-kill shelter. They said he was a Spaulding Spaniel?

When we got him home he went straight to the liquor cabinet then stole our car.

We’re probably going to return him tomorrow. This time to a kill only shelter.


What… What even IS that?


I think it was his-

Came from a shelter on Moreau Island or some such place?

Ugliest dog I’ve ever seen, that’s for sure.


She is adorable. How is she adjusting to her new home?

She’s terrifying! The curious tilt of her head in the first pic, with those big, soft eyes that say “I’m cute, and could sure use a cookie”…brr! And then the snugly blankie pic…she’s obviously getting ready to pounce, and tear the photographer to pieces.

What’s her name?

Our flow seems to be from the southeastern states. Buttons came from SC, but now that I’m somewhat hooked in with social media rescue stuff, I see other SE states represented. I rarely see TX here in New England. It’s like an underground railroad with defined routes north.

I’m baffled by the whole thing. Why are there so many dogs in shelters down there? Why are the northern states (and Canada, it seems) able to absorb them?

Oh, this…

Buttons got here in February (it’s almost her birthday) (but 11 years old, yikes) and LOVED the snow. She spends the first few minutes outside eating it while making pig noises. If we’re walking she’s licking as she goes, oinking. She doesn’t seem to have any issues with the cold, either. She didn’t love -10 the other day (and it’s coming again tonight) but didn’t seem flapped at all by it. Wind bothers her, though.

I’m sure Gord will prove a most excellent Canadian. He certainly won the jackpot when he landed at your house.

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Thanks! He has certainly been loved up since he got here.

On the cold thing, I never thought I’d put a coat on a dog. I thought they looked ridiculous. However, this is Gord in his argyle sweater looking a bit like Mr. Rogers. I have since ordered a thicker insulated coat from Amazon. I also have paraffin cream to protect his feet from the salt. We do a spa thing :slight_smile:


Hahaha, here is Buttons at the pet store, where we went for our own ridiculous dog-wear after an early November camping trip made it clear that she needed it. She was shivering.

She hasn’t worn the boots yet, but she wears the jacket when she goes out into the woods with my husband on cold days. We also just got a flannel/sherpa thing from LLBean for walks on cold days, or for nights camping.

I’ve only had labs or lab mixes before, and they were made to go into icy water. Buttons is elderly and very short haired. No thick undercoat here. So…ridiculous it is! We just embrace it. One big happy dork family, lol.


I have Italian Greyhounds (looks like a greyhound, but 15 lbs). Very short hair, and not much body fat.


Not my dog, but looks a lot like one of them.

I also live in Minnesota, and they hate the winter. They do fine going out if it is 10F or higher. If not they get jackets. They hate the boots and try to get them off. We only do the boots if it is getting quite a bit below zero. I will say putting the boots on is always good for a laugh. They really can’t figure out how to walk with them on, and usually get around on three legs (which they do when it’s cold out anyways, they tuck one up like a flamingo to keep one paw warm).


The neighbor’s dog keeps barking at me from behind a fence whenever I lift weights outside.
I don’t have any pets just wanted to say that.

Why does it keep barking at me, it’s grown now and I’ve seen that dog watching me ever since it was a puppy.

This is the same for Gord. Dani was a mastiff shepherd cross and had undercoat for days. I’m still vacuuming it out of my carpets.

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Had this doof (Winona/Winnie) for about a month now, this is her “I don’t want to get in the crate even though my favorite treat is in it” face. Little too smart for me


My 2 youngest puppies.


This is why I hope I don’t have to go the boot route.

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Mine really doesn’t mind them, we lost 2 of them on the first walk of significance though. Probably will look at a different (cheaper) model after she loses the next two sets.

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At least for my dogs, they do fine even at 0F. Loose snow can be an issue though. If it is cold, and there is loose snow, it can get stuck between their toes. On the last cold snap, my boy Tito came in crying, and I had to clean out his paws.

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She really does look like a doof, in the very best way. She probably needed a pre-game treat. :slight_smile:

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The boots…we’ve only had her in them the one time at the pet store, but the goose-stepping was hilarious.

We seem to have to worry more about salt if we take her onto the street than snow. But she’s got dermatitis, and the snow seems to soothe it, which may be one reason she likes it so much.

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