Show Off Your Pets

My ole Puppy Wuppy needed to be a hero every so often to remain well adjusted. Like without some purpose she would become despondent.

Fortunately (or not, depending on pov) raccoons would give her just such an occasion. There was a bunch of them and she could smell them from a mile away. So I’d let her loose and she would vanquish one, then proudly prance around the yard for a couple of days, victorious.

Then we had our kiddo, and her purpose became to love and protect him, which she excelled at.

My last submission with these two for a while, lest I become a crazy cat lady dude.


Awww how sweet! Levi is about the only one who feels confident just barking at noises. He’s very timid and won’t leave the house even if someone forgets to close the side gate.

Genna is perfectly fine being perceived as lazy and mostly useless. I think what did it was the one time a stray cat managed to get in our house (Donny is fully to blame for that btw. Lured the poor thing in without remembering his buddies are dogs. Probably said, “nah dude they like me, I’m sure they’ll like you too.”

Among the chaos that ensued once that cat realized I was trying to get him off our curio, I remember it made its way down the hall where Genna was, and she got her ass handed to her by a chunky main coon. After that she’s just given up. The cat was the same size as her and everything. Lol

I love seeing the cute kitties! Only reason we don’t have more cats is because most of us don’t really know how to best serve them. Granted it doesn’t seem hard, but I’d at least like to have things around the house to accommodate cats. (Scratching posts, etc. I realize all cats will develope their own personalities)

Outside of Donny, but we had him since a baby so he’s learned a bit of dog behavior and therefor mostly just mimics what he’s learned in terms of communicating with us. He still meows and all that but they’re long and loud and kinda sound like he’s a skipping CD lol. He begs for treats like everyone else does though, and for some reason likes cheese/chicken dog snacks we have. So we give him a small piece so he doesn’t feel left out.

He bathes fine and everything. I just don’t bathe him a lot since he seems to have sensitive skin.

Although he absolutely is a cat in the sense that at least twice a month, without fail, he brings in a field mouse. Usually it’s dead, but sometimes it’s not. So after all the ladies in the house (my niece has now moved in with us) finish panicking, we thank him for the gift and give him scratches and such.


My son sent me this picture of these bozos while I was up in Lawrence taking care of some business yesterday. The two boys on the couch are normally grumbling at each other and competing for attention. He said he just missed a shot where Connor was using Shadow’s butt for a pillow. Dawn is the princess with her own chair.


I just want to get all up in that shepherd’s business with hugs, forehead kisses, and several repetitions of “Who’s a good boy?!”

I guess while I’m here… Buttons surveying her kingdom:


He’s the best boy. His name is Shadow because he wouldn’t let me out of his sight when I first adopted him. He came from a kill shelter in San Bernardino in 2012 before I moved to Kansas, and he was already grown, and he had been adopted once and brought back because he had kennel cough. It was like he knew I saved him. He’s adorable and loving, but when it’s just my wife and I’m not there, he totally goes into protector mode.

Buttons and Dawn are dogs of a feather.


Since the “Show Off Your Pets” thread exists for moments like this:

My wife and I just adopted a new puppy. This is Rhea, we got her through a shelter where we have been doing pet fostering for the last few months.

She is a lab mix, though I am not sure what that is mixed with. Possibly pitbull. Anyway, she is super chill for a 14-week-old puppy, and settling into our house really well. Also she’s friggin adorable, which is why I felt like I had to share some photos.




Buttons ascending, with a little help from her friends.


Buttons after dinner, lol.



Lucy in her favorite spot!!!


When I sat my kitty is high strung, I mean

She’s really high strung!


I’m a tiny bit terrified of cats hovering high above me, looking stalk-y.

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She is like a high speed super predator.

Until nap time.

This guy though-

He is a big floppy cuddle monster.

His favorite place in the whole world. Right there, getting pets and hugging my hand.


I know what you mean. One time - in the middle of a balmy 29 Palms summer - my roommate forgot to pay the electric bill and we found ourselves with no AC. I opened the window directly above the head of my bed before going to sleep to mitigate the heat and realized that the window screen was still outside on the ground from the last time I forgot my keys and had to break into my own room. I thought briefly about the asspain of going outside and putting it back on, then convinced myself nothing weird would happen and went to bed. I gained consciousness at some point hours later - desperately trying to keep my eyes closed and go back to sleep. Then I figured that I must have woken up for a reason and that it was worth at least opening my eyes. When I did, I saw a weird black shape hovering about a foot from my face with two yellow eyes peering down at me. I don’t actually remember how I got out of bed, only that I found myself about 10 feet from my bed mid-scream while this black cat yowled at me and hopped off my window sill back to whatever hell portal he came from. Full-on purge of the adrenal glands - don’t recall having made a sound like that before or since.


That big paw in front of the angelic sleeping face! So sweet! They’re both adorable. And getting big fast!

See, this is why. I had a cat years ago who (whom?) I swear had bipolar disorder. Sometimes he was great. Other times he literally climbed the walls (we had beams) and glowered menacingly down at us, tail twitching.

A former coworker who did home visits once reported having a cat drop onto her from above. She hadn’t realized the cat was there and even the telling of it was terrifying.

Not terrifying:


Failed gif posting from Horrible Bosses - which has one of the best examples of this

Winston and Franklin


Baby, it’s cold outside!


This is the new addition to our family; Gord.

He’s from somewhere in Texas. We have a local dog rescue that brings a lot of strays up from the southern states so they can get completely shocked by the Canadian cold. Last year they placed 1,400 dogs.

Gord is 1 1/2 years old and they think he’s rhodesian ridgeback mix. He may have some in him but I think there’s also rottweiler and pitbull plus whatever else; beagle maybe? He’s sweet and affectionate but I forgot how much work young dogs are. It’s like having a toddler in the house. He follows me everywhere. I can’t walk in a straight line without stepping on him.

It’s nice to have a dog back in the house. I missed Dani so much when she went and I didn’t want to wait for another one.