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Show Off Your Pets

I dunno if he should have a pipe or a cigar, but he should definitely be playing poker.


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Gorgeous. I desperately want to scritch his ears.

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That’s how he is at grandmas house. Well behaved….
And then there’s my house ….

He climbed out my daughters window via the AC, fell from the second story and then tried to chew his way back in through the main door. He was sitting on the porch waiting when we got home. He’s only 9 months old :flushed::face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


My son took one of our dogs to college, so we got Stuffy. Corgi/Australian Sheppard mix. Sweetest dog I’ve ever seen. Always just so excited to see you. Loves to cuddle. Loves the belly rubs. Before he was rescued he was “owned” by a couple of mentally and physically handicapped homeless people. Just kept in a shed and given people food when they had it. He’s been in the rescue since January with 14 other dogs, so he’s never really had any people attention and he can’t get enough. He’s kinda of chubby right now, and when he stands between our two black dogs it looks like a double stuff oreo.


Hahaha, yay. Have you seen Turner and Hootch, with Tom Hanks? If not, you should.

Aw, poor little guy. How old do they estimate him to be? And…welcome home, Stuffy!

Buttons is not sure about the newest addition to our family. I, however, LOVE it.


About 6

That’s awesome in too many ways! :+1:

Reminds me somehow of my puppy wuppy.

I get the inclination that if you did push ups face to face with her she’d lick your face into submission. :heart:

Perfect! Old enough to be good, young enough to enjoy for many years.

Not yet, though she gets kissier and snugglier and waggier daily, it seems. Over the weekend we took her out to eat again and weren’t able to score an outer table. She not only seemed relaxed and happy between tables and the busy sidewalk, but someone spoke to her and touched her lightly and she didn’t cower away. We were pretty chuffed. I’m predicting a highly social dog who would lick-attack a push-up-er by the one year anniversary of getting her.

She just walks around wagging her tail now. It used to happen only when one of us woke up or came home. So, so much fun to see her unwind and feel safe. She bounces with joy when we both leave the house with her and she knows we’re going to the car.

Maybe I’d better post just one more pic. Buttons on Friday; we had company and one of them was a little girl. She was not bouncing with joy after the first couple of hours:


Yeah. My pup-wup had a really hard time before we got her. She had been fought and mistreated badly, and had some serious fear/aggression problems.

So my brother tried to exert dominance by looking straight at her and talking loud and low, which caused an explosive attack response. Good thing we were on linoleum and she couldn’t get traction. I had to lock her up after that when he came over because she would literally try to break through the door to get him.

So one day he was between things and stopped by with his pekingese. My pup Loved little dogs. So we let them play. Then from that point on she loved when he came over, little dog or not.

She loved women, children, and small dogs. But men and larger dogs or any attempt to exert dominance by them was met with some pretty extraordinary aggression.

Because “exerting dominance” isn’t something dogs do. I wish this notion would die already.

My wife framed it perfectly to someone one day: If you were at a bar, and some douche wandered up to you and was staring you dead in the face, glowering at you and sounding threatening, what would you do?

Glad a shift in circumstances cleared things up, though.


That has happened!
And they were met with some extraordinary aggression!


My girl Luna.
Shes 2lbs of pure hyper insanity:)


Fuckin’ Cesar Milan, dude. I’ve mentioned on here before that when I was a vet tech, my wife trained me (that’s how we met), and people would come out of an exam room with “aggressive” dogs that they had tried to manhandle or “dominate”, and my wife would walk in with her high-pitched baby-talk voice and have the dog melting in her arms quickly. Of course, there WERE occasionally the genuinely aggressive ones that will never be okay with being at the vets, and then she could restrain with the best of them, but for the most part, she’s all love, and it works.


It’s been 7 months now, and I’m happy to say that Buttons seems to be adjusting very well to being a loved dog.


The dueling fuzzballs. :hugs:

We got them yesterday for Kiddos birthday. They’re still a little skittish but they did sleep on me last night.



Kiddo has arrived at Tabby and Midnight. Him and the girl next door had to hash it out a little.

I like them. Midnight quickly turned into Midi-kitty.

They’re a ton of fun, and kiddo is totally in love with them.

Mattress boi

Neptune AKA slinky boi just being weird as usual

Saki wanting shoulder cuddles

Genna is more or less an old lady gangster and can’t really be bothered with life anymore. We just now got her dermatitis issues under control. In the last photo you can see just a straight up bald patch where she shredded through her fur.

She also doesn’t like when you call her name for no apparent reason

Levi. Sitting like a complete gentleman. Hubby and I woke up at like 3am to make bowls of cereal and we promised Levi some. He was hella sleepy but didn’t decline the offer and waited patiently.

Titus and his growing need to have a blanket on him

Mom messed up and promised someone a piece of sammich. If you feed one you feed them all.


I :heart: Titus.

He needs a cape with a big T on it. :hugs:

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We put shirts on him like all the time. I was legit gonna get him a little jumper thingy with his name on it. I’m happy he doesn’t shred up clothes though.

He’s been a bit off lately. We had an “incident” of sorts in the park not too long ago. It really wasn’t an incident at all. Just some folks freaking out about the breed he is. Firstly, if he’s out and about with us he’s leashed. Period. Secondly, we’ve spent ample amounts of time making sure he’s very well socialized. I mean he’s best friend with Donny our cat, and a freaking ferret for crying out loud.

We’re all just chilling by the picnic area, or like those areas where the BBQ pits usually are for the public. Titus won’t budge unless you absolutely tell him to. He’s laying down, looking at people, getting handed snacks, etc.
I guess a group of people showed up and at first I just noticed them staring. Then I heard them talking a bit louder, next thing I know
there’s just sudden commotion and they’re confronting my mom and my husband about Titus.

If any of us is even remotely bothered like emotionally Titus picks up on it. But throughout that whole ordeal he didn’t bark, didn’t growl, like nothing. And these folks were now legit yelling back and forth with my husband and
My mom. (My hubby and my mom have like seriously bonded over the past few months so they’ll legit back each other up over anything these days.)

Nothing bad really happened, just yelling and not so nice words being exchanged, but ever since then Titus has been very like… “Am I in trouble? Did I do something wrong?” He’s always got his ears tucked back when he approaches us and it’s just not his usual behavior, and I think when that whole thing went down he thought he was doing something wrong, or he felt very conflicted about if he should’ve tried to calm my mom and my husband down or something. But I had my hand on his back the whole time and was petting him and everything to let him know nothing was wrong.

But I’m still kinda upset with those folks. They legit hurt my dog’s feelings.

On a funnier note, the dog that you actually have to watch is Saki (the black and white spotted one.) She’s mixed with English setter, and she’s more or less a straight up hunting dog, but she’s vindictive as heck. She kills birds, squirrels, and has a habit of bringing in cicadas. She’s fine with small children, but I keep her in her kennel just to be safe if smaller kids are over our house because it’s like she has short fuse or something.

The boys don’t even really mess with her outside of their daily greeting sniffs and affection licks. She stayed snapping at the boys when they were younger and will occasionally snap at someone and take a tuft of fur with her if she’s just not okay with them existing in the same space she does. Happens lightening fast. She’s been better about it. That, and we straight had to sit her down and just tell her stop with that shit. She doesn’t respond well to physical correction, but will respond excellently to you just talking to her it seems.

Only one that’ll go toe to toe with her is Genna. Genna does not care. She’ll go home with a stranger if you let her lol.

We once were letting Saki roam a bit in these fields near our neighborhood, and the next thing we know she just takes off and straight up bum rushes these dairy cows grazing some yards over yonder. We thought she was gonna get trampled or severely hurt. Nope. She straight up starts herding them and pushing them towards whatever stable area they belong to, runs around a couple of times In seemingly no direction and then comes back and lays down in the car like nothing happened.

I’m screaming and freaking out, and my mom is over there just saying “I mean she’s like built for that type of thing ya know.” Hubby took her to see if she would do good duck hunting with him and his dad, And I’ll be damned she’s hella good at it. She kinda gets thrown off with the initial shot, but after that she’s as still as a statue. Can have the gun literally right above her head she’s like honed in. Soon as she sees you let go of the practice bird she turns into a straight up blur. She’s quite good with the decoys too. Doesn’t even notice them anymore. Fluffy lady still has it even pushing 8 years old now. She hasn’t brought any kills back yet, since she’s still training with hubby, but I’m happy she’s doing something that engages her. I’d like if they took her more frequently than 2-3 times every two weeks, but she seems to remember a lot. I’ve always been under the assumption the best dog for duck hunting is a retriever granted I’m not entirely sure what she’s mixed with. I’m sure they are just in a general sense, but it’s nice to see Saki showing us she’s good at what she does: which is chasing stuff lol.