Show Off Your Pets

So, this guy…

Is still “not my dog”. But he comes over and hangs out quite a bit now. When I’m not home he’ll leave his squeaky in the spot where he sits and waits for me to come out and play.


I’ve heard they can have CBD. I thought cannabis was a no for dogs, but I will look it up.

THC is a big fat “NOPE” for dogs. CBD is fine, though. We give our senior dog with joint ailments and anxiety CBD twice a day and it’s helped him a little bit.

But DO NOT give a dog anything with THC in it.

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Unless it is Snoop Dogg, lol!

That is what I thought. I was almost certain they could have CBD. I thought THC was a poison to them.

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Most psychoactive chemicals are to many animals.

Humans are the weirdos who actively look for these chemicals and decide to ingest them.

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My friend gives her dog CBC cookies. They taste pretty good!

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Confirms my thought that it was messed up for my “friends”, that would get their animals high. Never seemed to hurt them, but it pissed me off as the dogs or cats didn’t choose to get high like they did. Knowing it could possibly hurt them, bothers me even more now.

My other dog is a booze hound. I don’t intentionally give him any, but he will down a whole unattended drink if he likes it. I tell people at my parties to watch their drinks or Nacho will drink them. He seems to prefer Rum drinks, but will absolutely not leave me alone if I have a white Russian.

I made myself and my friend a white Russian at a party a little while ago, and my buddy was sitting with his glass in his hand. Nacho climbed up on a ledge and drank a good amount of his drink without him noticing. He looked over and was like WTF are you doing. Had his whole snout (he is an Italian Greyhound, so he has a long skinny snout) in the glass, but didn’t touch the edges so that he wouldn’t be noticed. Sneaky little bastard.


That made me laugh. He has a name that fits a booze hound as well.

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My old shepherd loved rum and coke and Sam Adams.

She would sit right in front of the drink on the table and stomp each of her front paws, then tap the glass or bottle with her nose.

THC isn’t poison to them. But if you’ve ever had too many edibles, that is likely what they are feeling. Bad fucking times. I wouldn’t want to do that to my little buddy, and they have no idea what’s going on and why. If your dog ever gets into your edibles all the vet will do is send you home to observe, and that’s about it.

My dog has suuuuuper bad anxiety. Large human sized doses of CBD do nothing to him. It’s a shame. Not to mention CBD is expensive.

We have one in the oven.
“Kaz” is two weeks old and we get to bring him home on July 24th.
Havanese pure bred.


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She takes over my bed every morning after I get up.


Any of you guys have pet insurance? If so, is it worth looking into for 3 dogs?
Vet bills are getting pricey, plus the my old one has 3 prescriptions per month.

I had it for my two Weimaraners. Worth every penny for those two. Was around $75/month each if I recall but i wouldn’t doubt we saved over $10k between them. I would day it depends on the kind of dogs you have and how old they are. Our current dog does not have insurance and has only been to the vet for routine stuff since we’ve had her.
Pure bred=yes
<40lbs=prob not

Yes, costs about $40 a month for my dog. Be careful when purchasing though. Most companies will not cover any pre existing conditions, so any long term issues that have already been diagnosed/treated by the vet will not be covered.

We purchased the insurance the day we got our dog but it didn’t activate until a few days later… That night we took a trip to the emergency vet, and multiple vet visits the following days were not covered. Now, any intestinal issue/pancreas issue will not be covered due to it being “pre existing”.

Edit: prescriptions will likely still be taken care of though

Look at this distinguished gentleman, look at how he is sitting yesss


He’s a big boy.
Has a Sean Connery kind of look.

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