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Show Off Your Pets

I miss my kitty… :crying_cat_face:

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That is awesome. I have had 2 generations of cats over the past 20 years because a very hungry pregnant feral cat ran up to me one day and needed fed. Once I fed her she bedded down on my porch and had her kittens, then that was that. I was her person. :slight_smile:

I’ve always had a soft spot for lost or injured animals.


Turns out I do too. Dunno if you saw my post about the crow the other day, but I almost cried when we had to release it into the woods, because as clumsy as it looked, I was (and still am) worried it won’t be able to find food to survive.

I’m still a bit sad about it, I wish we would have been able to find a solution to keep it around.

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Cats do this a lot. Pretty cool.

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I did see that. It will do fine. Sounds like it was young and just left the nest of something. I used to bring young birds home all the time as a kid whether they liked it or not.

I brought home two baby squirrels whose tree we cut down and bottle fed them to adolescence, then they lived in my neighborhood and would hang out with me for a few years.

Those little buggers were fun!


New addition…mittens. He has Waardenburg which I had never seen in a ferret. Very cute psycho lil bug


Had to laugh at that. Hide the Yellowfin tuna steaks! He may come out of the bedroom, jump from the floor, bounce off the trash can, onto the counter and grab it off the blazing hot indoor grill, and drag it under the bed before you can blink.

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The owner of this cute buddy is a guy that works in a factory nearby my house. The cat lives in the factory and sleeps there at night, but lately they’ve been letting him free to wander around even during the nights. How do I know?

Well, over the past week, whenever I come back from the gym at night I find him sitting on my balcony, then he walks around my place and keeps me company. Tonight he keeps coming inside my place, and he’s acting even cuddlier than usual. I freaking love this cat.

Bear loves sticks… hes confused by the deck.

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Oh no! Not the new deck.

Luckily i have more i didnt use…

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Please share your secret…please… please…

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Lucy and Sasha!! Love my girls!!


This little lovely buddy never got this close to my house. He actually walked inside for the first time too after this video :heart_eyes: he went on a brief exploration before unfortunately a noise scared him off and he ran out. Baby steps… I hope he’ll be back inside soon and maybe one day we can cuddle on the couch like with the other one.

This one has probably never been in a house and isn’t completely comfortable around humans apparently. He got under my bed and kept banging his head as he was walking underneath haha, so apparently he’s not used to enclosed spaces at all.

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My cousin’s fiancée asked him to keep her dog for a couple of days.

I don’t remember when was the last time I was around a dog, it’s always cats for me. But I fell in love with this pet. She’s the seeetest dog I’ve ever seen. So adorable it’s actually making me consider getting a dog.


Well yeah. It’s is dachshund. BEST dogs ever! How can you not love it?

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Omg I just want to smoosh that smooshy face!!


Lol…thats exactly whats my wife says about him.

Just saw this from my balcony :heart_eyes: