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Show Off Your Music Stuff


Pretty much finished my drumset collection, with this years holidays additions, so post you gear, guitars, basses, amps, synths, other music hardware, drums, horns blahh blahh


Here's my Crush Sublime Maple kit w/ Paiste cymbals...Sexy, eh?


'78 Fender Precision bass. I sold the Ampeg V4 head and 8/10 cabinet years ago.


hur hur


are those the Rudes? Ive always wanted to try those, i used paistes and sabians myself, i like your setup, also looks like you use some alphas? Those are the paistes i have


shes a beaut.


Gibson SG Standard w/Ernie Ball Super Slinky Strings
Crate GLX212 120 Watt Amp


Those are the Rude SoundEdge hats. They're brutal, very bright, very loud! I have one Alpha crash to my left, the rest are Signatures. Ride and fx cymbals are Alphas as well. I really like them for the money. I'll probably get some Alphas instead of the Sigs for touring, as I don't feel too bad beating the crap out of the Alphas...Whereas breaking a Signature hurts the wallet. Though the Signatures are by far THE BEST crashes I've ever played, the Alpha stuff can't be beat for the money.



my violin collection. Had to change size every 2 years since the age of 5. Sticking with this one now: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aku29MPTkWI


Thanks Nate.
But I'm ashamed to admit THAT'S not a pic of her. I was too lazy to go take a pic, so I Googled a pic. My bass has a thumb rest that's no longer present on newer P-Basses.

However, mine IS in mint condition (like the one in the pic).


I'm gonna put a curse on it.

Hold up.




not to de-rail the thread (i'll post a pic of my set later) but do you drummers train calves/hip flexors at all for double bass? i play a lot of technical/melodic death metal and most of the double bass tires me out eventually 1/2 to 3/4 of the way through the song.

i realize a lot of it's technique and practice, but i wouldn't doubt that a speed-strength component could be thrown in to maximize the potential.