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Show Off Your Car


Hi there guys,

My name is AJ, I've created this post for specifically one reason to post the pics of your car. Lets see whose got the cleanest whip on this site.


you ever try the search function? there are already threads on here about members cars.... The Fast and the Furious called... they want their car back


Greg, didn't you read the title? I'm sure OP has seen all of the car threads here, including the recent one that's likely only on page 2 or 3 of the GAL forum. This guy wants to have a tv show that's all about our cars, and his being the cleanest whip around, obviously casts himself as the lead!


Get that wankel outta here! Lol


people in cars like that are rarely courteous drivers.


Damn recession...


Dammit. You beat me to it! :frowning:


I hope Jesus enters this thread and smites you good.


Quick Draw McGraw baby!


To sum it up:
-OP has a small dick
-Still lives at home
-Has an ugly ride
-Should take his fail and GTFO




Rice burner


that body kit, is bloody awful


Camaro FTW


Nice ride man......who cares...dude put in the wrench time. Not everyone has the same tastes....I love all cars..I don't care if their American, European, Japanese...all that matters is the passion for tunning and being a gearhead.


That's not the point though, OP failed to search for 1 of the several car threads already on here, and post in it.


"What do you see when you picture a bag of dicks?"

Louis CK sees this thread.



Here's the most recent one


What're the Odds that the OP doesnt come back and post to this thread? 2:1?


I drive an Rx-8 like the OP. Before that, I drove a Jetta. After the 8, I'm probably buying something LSX-based and throwing some heads on it. Can we get over the fact that different cars are made in different nations and just shut the fuck up and enjoy driving?