Show Off/Hurt My Leg Video

Sorry, but Friday night is whiskey night.

I also pulled my right calf something terrible earlier and made this video because sometimes my calves will let me show this cool ripple thing they do if I’m mildly dehydrated or something, i don’t know what.
Also, my girlfriend walks by in her sports bra.

Check out my whiskey collection by my feet too.

I was doing that last week sitting on the couch and saying to my wife “watch this cool trick” she was not impressed :frowning:

She doesen’t appreciate the skill and daring-do it involves…hold that cramp a bit too long and you gotta start beating on the basterd to uncramp lol.

By the speed your GF walked through the room I fear she felt the same way.

So true. that’s why I posted it here. I was hoping for understanding!

33-38 is money. The rest is nonsense :wink:

Yeah, sorry. I thought it was about 20 seconds when I posted it. Didn’t edit…too drink.

I have a whiskey collection just like that.

Did your cleaning lady quit?

Your girlfriend is Asian and your house looks like that?! May as well just get a white girl.

The show “Hoarders”.

Call them?

I have a bottle of The Glenlivet at home … had a glass when I got back from my cruise and it was money

Getting pops some for pops day

Wait your calf is not supposed to do that?

And the best part was when your girlfriend or hooker or bang maid walked by.

You Sir, have effed-up extra curricular activities…

I laughed at the way you told us your story though. Cheers mate, heal well!

Drinking and posting. Sir, once again you have my support!

I hope your girlfriend is a demon in the sack, cause she can’t clean for shit.