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Show Me State Summer Shape Up!


Doing a food log in the nutrition section so mine as well do a training log in the training forum as well....

Today was upper body A workout.

1 minute timed rest between all sets, no sets taken to complete muscle failure.


dynamic warm up and lite cardio....

chin up/push up complex, 8 rounds for 1 minute per round
(1 chin up then 1 clap push up)

dip/inverted row complex, 6 rounds for 1 minute per round
(3 dips w/ feet elevated on bench then 3 inverted rows w/ pronated grip)

hammer strength decline press super-set w/ hammer strength DY row
(2 sets of 8 reps back to back)

hammer strength shoulder press
(3 sets of 10)

reverse grip flat bench press
(2 sets of 6)

Alternating DB curls
(2 sets of 14 (7 per arm))

6 minutes incline walking post lift, stretch cage.....done and out!


Today was one hell of a wicked day for the workouts! Let me explain!

930am, primary workout of the day, MU athletics training complex-

foam roll, hurdle hip series, dynamic warm up

power cleans
2x5 @ 145

sumo deads
2x3 @ 245
1x3 @ 275

traditional deads
1x3 @ 318
1x2 @ 407
2x2 @ 418

front squats
3x6 @ 155

TRX roll outs

3x8 @ 70’s

power plate vibration series and stretching

walked over to turf field for parachute sprints (20lb resistance chute
8x40-60 yards with 90 second rests

Done by 11:15am

630pm, drop in crossfit workout with old friend

power clean @ 135lb x 6
kettle bell thruster @ 35lb x 9 per arm
kipping knees to elbows leg raises x 12

4x through took 12 minutes. it kicked my ass!

10 minute tempo run around the gym (buddy wanted to see who would cave first from the squat holds) It was not me! Booya!!

Thus my higher carb intake today as will be seen in my nutrition log.


Past 2 days have been rest days. Just cardio. I did 30 minutes outside around the golf course near my apartment yesterday and 50 minutes on the treadmill today and slower pace but ramped up the incline.

Back to biz tomorrow in the gym!


Yesterday was an epic workout for upper body! I switched this next mesocycle up to a 4 day split with 3 days off for either LISS cardio or just pure rest. The past 6 weeks were using a 5 day split so the lower frequency will be much to my benefit and recovery this time around.

Sunday is upper max strength
Monday is lower body max effort

Wednesday is upper body repetitive effort
Thursday is lower body repetitive effort

Max strength days have 3-6 reps with 2 minute rests between sets. All sets taken to total failure. No more than 2 exercise per muscle group for 3-4 sets each on compound movements. Only 1 exercise for 3 sets on assistance movements. Exercises chosen are rotated every week or based on how I feel that day.

Repetitive effort days have 8-15 reps with 1 minute rests between sets. All sets stopped 1 rep shy of total failure. No more than 3 exercises per muscle groups with 2-3 sets each on compound movements. Only 2 exercises for 2-3 sets on assistance movements. Also rotate exercises every week based on how I feel that day.

I am also incorporating parachute sprints at the tail end of my workouts. 6x50 yards on leg days and 4x50 yards on upper body days. This allows me to take it very easy with LISS on my non gym days if not completely off all together.

So as of now I have completed the first 2 max strength days. Both went great! Set PR’s on both my 5RM bench press and my 3RM squat! Talk about rebounding from a deload!! I like!

Resting up tomorrow with only some LISS after work. Thinking I might go hit a 30 minute walk through the golf course my apartment sits next to. Which is as close to golfing as I will ever get!

Peace out!


Today was an off day, first day back in town after a 3 day weekend in Wisconsin to visit the fam and celebrate the 4th of July with food, more food, fireworks and a pool party. Good times indeed! Despite the 7 hours drive there and back again, all was well.

30 minutes easy cardio today and that was all. Went on 5 hours of sleep last night and it hit me about 7pm hard today! Not a fan of the 5am openings at work! Yuck!

Back to work tomorrow in the gym with the Iron!


Today went like this:

flat bb bench press
5x5 @ 185 (warm up sets not listed)

kneeling cable row, single arm

standing bb shoulder press
4x5, 1x8

weight pull ups
4x5 with 25lbs

db preacher curls with

tricep "glass push downs

ab wheel roll outs

swiss ball sit ups

Thats all folks!


Today’s Outline:

630pm lower body lift:

10 minutes dynamic movement prep

4 sets of 5 at 275
3 sets of 3 at 315
1 set of 10 at 225

single leg bulgarian squats
3x8 each with 25lbs plate against chest

cable pull through
3x10 @ 130

single leg rdl
1x6 each leg

nordic leg curls
3x10 at bodyweight

nautilus calf press
3x20 at bodyweight

6 minutes of incline brisk walking on treadmill, stretch cage, done!

Daily food intake totals: 108f 236c 294p 3092 kcals


Yesterday and today are just cardio days. No sprints of any kind happening this week. Turning down the intensity on all cardio to LISS this week. 3x at 40 minutes of walking through the gold course my apartment is one. Its actually very relaxing and enjoyable first thing in the morning to just stroll through and take it all in. WAY better then the boring ass treadmill!

Carbs are under 240 yesterday and today being they are off days from the gym. Legs are still toast from Thursdays squat madness!

Off to work at noon and then who knows that is happening tonight. Hotter then hell out here in mid MO today! Not a fan!