Show in 3 Weeks. Critique/Posing Advice?

5’11.5, 205.5 current stats competing in open lt hvy or heavy bbing and classic physique

will try to make cut to 198.25 for light heavy but if i cant make it will do the open heavy.

please critique (pics kinda at weirder angles and light glares a bit) any posing advice is appreciated as well.

thx, and be honest and tell it straight:) constructive criticism will only yield better results thank you

Good work, man. You should look great once you deplete and dry out.
Your relaxed poses need some adjustments, arms/hands are a bit far out on some poses. Also, bring your chest up on the side chest/side tricep, don’t sink in and disappear.

Good luck.

I always like to say that there are a few steps you should go through as you hit each pose onstage.

1- Set your legs. “spread the floor” by pressing down and out in order to really get the upper quads to pop from the front. Squeeze your glutes and imagine pulling your feet back along the floor, like wiping dog crap off of 'em, to get your hams to show from the rear.

2- Take a deep breath to fully expand your rib cage and get any extra torso girth you can!

3- Pose your upper body while maintaining flexed legs and a big torso.

4- SMILE like there’s nowhere else on Earth where you’d rather be!