Show Day AAS

A couple of random competition-related AAS questions for those of you with experience:

After some time on test/tren/dbol, I have switched over to test/mast ( both prop, 1050/630/w, ED injections).

I am also using BBB’s HGH protocol with absolutely fantastic results (thanks BBB!).

What I was wondering:

  1. I was planning to drop the test 1 week from the show, as well as the HGH, and go in on just masteron and tren (and possibly winstrol, which is my next question). Does 1 week prior to show-day sound like a reasonable time-frame for this? I’m looking to retain as little water as possible, obviously.

  2. Is there any reason why masteron and winstrol should not be run together? I’m not asking from a “danger” standpoint, as I’m pretty sure this is not a problem, but more from the angle that I might be better off just using one or the other, since the desired result achieved from either is going to be similar. My reasoning in using both is that, well, I happen to have plenty of both and if I can get “more” out of using them together (not synergy, but harder, drier, more vascular), then I will do so. I suppose I could just experiment with it, as I still have a couple of months until show-day, but I thought I would ask here in case anyone has any direct experience with this and can save me some trouble.

I have a lot of experience with all of the above mentioned AAS except for winstrol, with which I presently have zero experience.

Thank you for your time, gentlemen.

For the first question… i think you will be fine dropping 1g one week out. According to its half life, and accounting for peak aquired dose of 1g/wk TP - you’d have less than 40mg total test level after 7 days.

Slap some letro in there - nothing too high, and you will be dry as a bone IMO.

For the second - i havent used Mast and Winny together, and they are for the most part very similar - BUT it is my opinion that while one can get the same effect from higher levels of either alone, if you have both - then dosing both will allow for a much higher androgen level, helping lipolysis, aggression, hardness, enzyme binding, the lot.

I’d go for it!

Good luck Cortes - i am getting close to the point i wanted to be at before i chose a show and prepared for it now too :wink:

Thanks for dropping in, Brook. I always like it when a smart guy like yourself tells me the answer I was hoping to hear :wink:

Good luck to you with your own show, as well!


I am curious. Can you describe the results you have achieved specifically as a result of BBB’s HGH protocol?


[quote]Dynamo Hum wrote:

I am curious. Can you describe the results you have achieved specifically as a result of BBB’s HGH protocol?


x2, I’ve been anxiously waiting to hear.

Sure guys, I’ll go ahead and bump the original thread to keep things organized.