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Show and Hell

Heya T-family/Freques/Folks, I just had to post tonight becuase I’ve just had the greatest workout of my life…ever. I’m on month 2/week 1 of Charles Staley’s Convergent phase training and tonight’s ultimate pukefest looked a lil like this: Barbell Hang Cleans 5x4 followed by the circuit portion of our show: stiff-leg deads 4x6
seated DB rows: 4x6-8
Coney Island Bill (swiss ball) california skull crushers w/ barbell 4x6-8
wighted crunch on Coney Island Bill 4x6-8
Downward Ball Smash (using 25 lb. plate as substitute) 4x6-8
Static barbell hold w/ towel wraps for thick grip 4x 20 second hold. The total time of my workout was an hour and seven, slightly longer than I normally like, but it was incredible. I left my room crawling on all fours and stumbling around, sweating out gallons that I didn’t know I owned. When I entered the living room, looking as if I’d trolloped through a minefield my father requests that I “take out the garbage”. Proof that all the glory is left in the iron room/my room. As a sidenote, I was listening to Rollins Band “Weight” and Monster Magnet’s “God Says No” two of the greatest workout albums ever. Just wanted to share. Lata.

“MB Eric: Keepin’ calm, he’s the primal time bomb since 0003 BC”