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Shovel Ready


Your global competitors are taking your jobs. They make moves, act, and create jobs and wealth.

What are we doing? Hobbling ourselves. Hey, 99%'ers you want jobs? Start looking at regulations, Washington DC, and enviro-whackos as the enemy.



By the way, anyone ever try to sue over wind turbine farms? What with all the bird and bat deaths.


Actually, yes various enviro groups sue over that stuff pretty often. You should also see how hard it is to permit solar projects. Lizards, owls, plants, etc. all getting disturbed. If you can even manage to get projects permitted, the costs of doing so are extreme.


I would like to point out that there are different levels of 'enviro-whackos' - the sort that are opposed to anything manmade, who are obviously idiotic, and people against huge levels of pollution and dumping that has been done in the past and continues to be done in the developed world. Conflating the two is not helpful

And wind turbines are a huge huge scam.


Depends where you live, I can power my house, my parents house and the farm where I live with a wind solar hybrid system and storage bank. The system is 25K. but I am not doing to save money or be environmentally friendly, more to be independent.


Our company specializes in retrofitting existing dams for hydroelectric power....no new dams, lots of green power.

You would not BELIEVE the amount of red tape that we have to go through. We build 2 projects in South America in the time it takes to START construction here.


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Just two weeks ago at a San Francisco fundraiser you said, "We have lost our ambition, our imagination, and our willingness to do the things that built the Golden Gate Bridge and Hoover Dam and unleashed all the potential in this country." Yesterday you announced that you're postponing--until after the 2012 election--the decision on whether to move forward with the Keystone XL pipeline. The 1,700 mile pipeline would convey approximately 700,000 barrels of crude oil per day from Alberta, Canada to refineries along the Gulf Coast. It?s estimated that pipeline construction would produce 20,000 jobs directly and up to 100,000 indirectly.

The decision on the Keystone XL pipeline has been under consideration since the beginning of your administration.

How were you able to make the decision to transform one-seventh of the U.S. economy in far less time than it?s taking to make a decision on the Keystone XL pipeline?

What aspects of the pipeline construction are more problematic than restructuring the entire U.S. health-care system?


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The jobs! The jobs! The jobs it will create...



It would get mixed with domestic oil 50 miles from where I live. This administration makes me sick.


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Threads like this make me sad.


The 99%'ers want the types of jobs that they imagine themselves doing, not the ones that already actually exist or that are needed for future growth.

I work in heavy industrial fabrication and our company is desperate for people with a good work ethic and even a modicum of skill.


I agree. As I said in the OWS thread, my dad needed people this summer. He's a farmer. He pays well, or at least above minimum wage. But it's hard work and know one wants to do it. He needed to people this last summer and no one, even though everyone likes to bitch about the economy and lack of jobs, came to him asking if there was work available. I even told my friend about it and tried to get him out there with us..he opted to stay on unemployment...it's a sad, sorry state of affairs.


I have a position I've been trying to fill since September, it's NOT hard work and the pay is decent for a college age student hourly plus commission, and I still can't get it filled. Myself and one other guy work at the store and he just came back from hernia surgery after 6 weeks. So for 6 weeks I was working 7 days a week open 9:30-8:00pm granted I made some decent money but now I'm a little burned out and Christmas season is starting which is the real busty time.


How are you advertising? What is the unemployment rate in your area?

Everyone I know who is unemployed is sending off 50+ applications a week. To all manner of jobs. And getting barely any responses.


What is a modicum of skill though? Are you asking for previous work experience in a similar role or making it clear that no work experience is necessary?

My nephew has been looking for basic labouring/factory work for the past 3 months and cannot find anything entry level. Almost every job wants him to have a forklift ticket and a minimum years experience in similar work.

I remember when I was young and wanted entry level work. It was so easy! I showed up, had a chat with the line manager, and started a trial day the next day. If you did alright you were good to go. Now you go along and you get told to speak to HR. HR expects you to have prior experiences, gets you to fill out a few forms, and then they tell you they will get back to you in a couple of weeks....but they rarely do.


Monster, Career Builder, Craigslist, the local paper. That's funny I get at least 3-4 calls a week for people looking to hire me. I think unemployment in Mass is a little lower than the average 7.4%


Modicum means being able to read a tape measure and pass a drug test (its usually the second one that gets 'em). The company even has its own weld school and 12 hrs/day on site instructor so that people can learn and practice for a couple of hours a day no matter what shift they work.